Who will you be on Haikyuu!

Who will you be on Haikyuu!

Junior high school student, Shōyō Hinata, becomes obsessed with volleyball after catching a glimpse of Karasuno High School winning their game to qualify for Nationals on TV. Of short stature himself, Hinata is inspired by a player the commentators nickname ‘The Little Giant’, Karasuno’s short but talented wing spiker. Though inexperienced, Hinata is athletic and has an impressive vertical jump; he joins his school’s volleyball club – only to find he is its sole member, forcing him to spend the next two years trying to convince other students to help him practice.

In his third and final year of Junior High, some of Hinata’s friends agree to join the club so he can compete in a tournament. In his first official game ever, they suffer a crushing defeat to the team favoured to win the tournament – including third-year Tobio Kageyama, a prodigy setter nicknamed ‘The King of the Court’ for both his skill and his tyrannical play style. The two spark a short rivalry, and following the game, Hinata vows to defeat Kageyama in high school.

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