What makes Ainz Ooal Gown so strong in the Overlord anime? Why?

What makes Ainz Ooal Gown so strong in the Overlord anime? Why? Before answering this question, we must know about Ainz Ooal Gown Guild itself.

Spoiler Alert: WARNING! This page has a lot of heavy spoilers from the Overlord Light Novel series by Kugane Maruyama. To all the people who only watch anime or read manga and are looking at this warning, please think carefully about your decision before you choose to read the information below. If you haven’t read the main source material in the official books yet, you might want to stay away from this page to avoid spoilers until you’ve read it first.

Courtesy of Crunchyroll and Madhouse

The Ainz Ooal Gown Guild

The Ainz Ooal Gown Guild is strong because it has a lot of members, and a lot of real money is put into it to help it grow and get more weapons. It has a total of 9 floors (or 10, if I remember right), 8 of which are fully armed, and each floor has a level 100 floor guardian. Ainz Ooal Gown was also considered one of the top ten guilds in the game back when Yggdrassil was at its best, even though there are thousands of guilds. 

Some of its members (the 41 supreme beings) are at the top of their class and are very dedicated and powerful (like touch me and ulbert). Also, the guild once stopped an attack by 1500 players and non-player characters. Putting the guild in the new world is just too much since the new world is not as strong as Yggdrassil right now.

The New World

We know that Ainz is the 19th player from Yggdrasil to come to the new world. But by the time Ainz arrives on the scene, every real player has died except for himself. The real players seem to show up every 100–200 years. But It is possible to move more than one player at the same time.

His gear is of the divine class, and he can send out many of his sacrificial troops, also called Death Knights, which aren’t very strong but can kill everyone in the New World. Then, people can’t do anything to stop spells that can kill them right away (Grasp Heart and possibly, Black Hole). Also, he is level 100, which means that his stats are much better than those of a New World inhabitant. So that’s why Momon is so strong.

People in the New World are just too weak. Most of them can’t beat the death knights he makes, which are probably like the sacrifice troops he uses in Yggdrassil that can be made over and over again.

Ainz Ooal Gown’s (Momonga) abilities

Those were some of his abilities. Now Let’s check about Ainz Ool Gown’s physical strength and defense.

Courtesy of Crunchyroll and Madhouse

Ainz didn’t pay much attention to his physical attributes because he was more interested in magic, but since he leveled his character to Lvl 100, those attributes have improved on their own.

He can tear steel like paper with his bare hands. With a simple mace, he smashed an enormous troll into pieces like it was made of Play-Doh.

As a warrior, he has shown that he can knock down buildings without even trying. His defense is a little harder to set, but he can take multiple hits from Shalltear without any extra gear. Considering that Shalltear was able to block a hit from this guy casually. 

A level 80 monster that looks like a bad tree and is so big that it dwarfs mountains. His speed is also nothing to scoff at, as he can make mirror images with his moves without using a boost.

Ainz’s Magic

Courtesy of Crunchyroll and Madhouse

But Ainz Ooal Gown‘s magic is what really sets him apart and lets him fight opponents from fiction in a much higher category.

Even among his peers, Momonga (Ainz) was known as a very versatile mage, and even when his build wasn’t optimized, he was third in his guild, behind only Touch Me, who is a World Champion, and Ulbert Alain, who had the unique class World Disaster.

In particular, two of his skills make him a nightmare for most opponents.

Time Stop, and The Goal of all life is Death.

The first spell stops time in a small area and freezes anyone who doesn’t take the right precautions while the spell is in effect.

The second one is a skill that makes any death spell able to ignore any defense or natural resistance to those kinds of spells. This means that even things that don’t have a clear idea of life become things without anything that could be considered life. Its effects are

  • Dirt turns into sand.
  • Air becomes poison.
  • Rocks break down into dust, etc.

In his alternative adventure, we can learn that Ainz can use these two spells in a way that gets rid of the spell’s only weakness, a 12-second countdown, and turns them into an instant kill that can’t be stopped.

That’s why people think Ainz Ooal Gown is strong and he can fight opponents he wouldn’t be able to beat otherwise.

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