What are the strongest domain expansions in Jujutsu Kaisen?

Before I begin, I should lay down some basic rules for “rating” Domain Expansion in Jujutsu Kaisen. Strength should not be used to evaluate the quality of a domain expansion in jujutsu kaisen but rather a utility.

Any schmook may develop a half-decent Domain Expansion by simply possessing enormous quantities of unfiltered cursed energy. Still, more is required to use your pool of cursed energy to produce something genuinely hax.

The most effective Domain Expansions are those that enable you to defeat opponents regardless of your own strength by producing impacts and conditions that the creator may effectively exploit.

In essence, a strong Domain is strong not because it offers you a powerful edge but rather because it creates the ideal environment for you to utilize your skills to their fullest.

Why Sukuna’s Malevolent Shrine will not be included?

Because the Domain is a shithole. I’ve said it there. Technically speaking, it is undoubtedly one of the most potent Domains available, but Sukuna is the reason why. It is usable without restriction. Simply put, Sukuna can produce this Domain directly in the physical world.

Its ass range is really broad. In any real 1v1 fight, both are specifically useless. Although I can see some uses for the increased range, it also means that anyone who can physically get away from Sukuna’s Domain can do so.

People must break down the wall separating the Real World from the Domain, which is incredibly difficult to do unless you have a basic personal Domain.

Courtesy of Mappa and Crunchyroll

Suppose you’re an ancient, genocidal demon lord trying to destroy civilizations. In that case, Sukuna’s Domain is a blessing, but it also has the obvious drawback of being significantly less effective than a conventional domain in a 1v1 battle.

Additionally, it is just awful. It only ever cuts people up. Sure, if you’re SUKUNA of all people, the literal god of demons and a being of unmatched cursed might, that’s a huge power. Literally, ANY domain would be OP if you are as strong as him. He would become a tsunami that drowns everyone in sight if you gave him a domain that makes it lightly rain on his opponents (which is fairly worthless). That demonstrates his strength.

The Domain, however, is really unimpressive. It’s as dull as garbage. Just cut people and things up. Nothing that Sukuna couldn’t already accomplish on his own; the Domain only serves to speed up and simplify everything.

After getting that out of the way, let me rate the other domains in order of strength.

Hanami’s Domain

Hanami has an insanely potent domain. It could, what? Why wasn’t he able to use it? Ever? Oh uh. We have yet to see it fully.


Although it’s a respectable Domain, repeat what I mentioned about Sukuna and apply it here, albeit to a lesser level. Although it does have the effect of having somewhat limited control over the earth and nearly unlimited pyrokinesis (control over flames), it is once again largely reliant on raw might.

Courtesy of Mappa and Crunchyroll

Jogo has demonstrated the capacity to control bees, which slightly distort your perceptions while using it, so it does have that tiny niche to keep it from being utterly pointless.


IIRC, the Domain permits the curse to ensnare a victim in a coffin before enclosing them in a boulder. The target is then given three chances to escape the coffin before it expires. If it actually works, it is strong. About this one, I don’t really remember anything.

Dagon: Tau-un Heisen/ Horizon of the Captivating Skandha

Ah, so this is how a real domain appears. In addition to the standard effect of giving Dagon restricted hydrokinesis and command over a great deal of shikigami, it has two unique abilities that make it extremely powerful.

Dagon domain expansion Image credit Jujutsu Kaisen manga

It can instantly launch an attack against its adversary. His shikigami don’t actually exist until they touch your body. Since his Domain could speed blitz both Nanami and Maki with his initial swarm, the quantity of opponents he faces does not pose a problem.

It is irrelevant how fast you are, to put it frankly. This attack disregards elevation. You can’t avoid it since it doesn’t “come” at you; instead, it just shows up and consumes you. If your durability isn’t high enough to withstand his blows, you’re toast.

Only Naobito was able to “respond” to this attack since he was donning a sort of cursed energy “armor” that allowed him to block all incoming attacks as soon as they came.

He produces an increasingly larger number of shikigami on you directly if the battle continues because his swarm’s potency grows over time.

Dagon has never lost while using this Domain, and I mean never. Megumi opened up his Domain inside of it, neutralizing its most crucial component—sure hit.

Dagon was certain that he could have smacked Megumi, Naobito, Maki, and Toji collectively if his Domain had been operating at full strength.

Zen’in Fushiguro: Chimera Shadow Garden/ Kang An’eitei.

Although we’ve only witnessed Fushigiro’s domain expansion jujutsu kaisen twice, from what it appears to do, Fushiguro now has control over shadows. He physically phases through assaults like some low-cost Kamui thanks to some unknown type of intangibility he gains from this.

Courtesy of Mappa and Crunchyroll

Combining the ability to modify shadows with one of the most frequently misused techniques in any media earns this one a rather high ranking. Additionally, this Domain is still lacking in some areas.

Mahito: Mahapralaya Prison /Self-embodiment of perfection

Courtesy of Mappa and Crunchyroll

Mahito has the power to influence another person’s soul. The Domain itself is rather typical. However, each Domain has the ability to enhance the user’s assaults with “sure hit” effects. When you combine that with Mahito’s Soul Altering abilities, he can essentially KO anyone who lacks resistance to soul manipulation. Even Nanami, who could somewhat fend off Mahito’s “regular” soul manipulation by employing cursed energy to safeguard his soul, believed he would perish in this Domain.

It also directly affects you in an astral world, which is essentially durability negation taken to the next level.

Satoru Gojo: “Immeasurable Void” (Muryksho, “Unlimited Void”)

It is absurd and unfair that Gojo, the strongest character in the entire series, who could perhaps solo every antagonist simultaneously even without his cursed methods, also has access to the most broken Domain.

Courtesy of Mappa and Crunchyroll

I could go on and on about this all day, describing how he can use it multiple times per day (and is the only exorcist ever demonstrated to be able to do so), how just 0.2 seconds of this Domain is enough for a normal person to require six months of therapy before they can return to their normal lives.

On what planet are you expected to fight against forced omniscience?


You can neutralize all cursed techniques inside a specific area with the use of Simple Domain Shin Kagery: Kan’i Ryiki, even though it isn’t really a Domain and doesn’t really do anything.

It’s kind of cool, that. I support Miwa supermacy.

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