That Time I Got Reincarnated As A Slime Season 2 ep 22 (ep 46) *spoilers* – Anime and Manga

Seriously, how the hell is that 6-7 foot max guy a “Giant”?

Rimuru: “I’ll prove to you that Clayman is a liar and Miurran is alive.” – shows footage of the army stuff which has absolutely nothing to do with Miurran or anything Clayman was saying.

“If Milim assists you of her own volition I have no problem with this.” – Is being under mind control considered as “own volition”? Though doesn’t seem like Guy at least believes her to be controlled.

So Diablo’s identity is “Primordial Black, Noir”? How did Guy know who Beretta was talking about tho, when all she said is that it was someone far more powerful than her? Also, considering Diablo benefitted from being Named by DL Rimuru, and it only took half Rimuru’s magicules or whatever, doesn’t that mean he was far weaker than DL Rimuru? Or does it work different with Demons for some reason?

Why did Rimuru only have Raphael start Appraisal on the mind control AFTER Beretta joined the fight?

How the hell did Verdola suddenly appear inside the barrier?


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