Jujutsu Kaisen’s sorcerer grades and characters list

There’s a classification system among Jujutsu sorcerers and it has 7 (5 grades + 2 semi grades) grades in total. Cursed spirits are also placed in the same categories. It’s said a Jujutsu sorcerer requires the equivalent rank to defeat cursed spirits.

Here’s the list of all the grades and characters who belong to them. Check which rank your favorite character is in!

Tokkyu (special grade)

There’re only 4 sorcerers with special grade in Japan. Their power is out of proportion and excessive enough to give a great effect to the Jujutsu society.

Gojo Satoru

The strongest Jujutsu sorcerer who has both Rikugan (six eyes) and Mukagen (limitless). It’s said his very existence itself controls the power balance between humans and cursed spirits.

Geto Suguru

He was once the best friend of Gojo, but now he’s acting cursed spirits. He is a user of Jureisojutsu which enables him to control cursed spirits by absorbing them into his body.

Tsukumo Yuki

An only female sorcerer among the current special grade sorcerers. She has appeared only in a flashback scene and her profile remains unknown. She’s the master of Todo Aoi.

Okkotsu Yuta

A main character in Jujutsu Kaisen volume 0. He was obsessed by a special grade cursed spirit Orimoto Rika. She ended up being purified in the story of volume 0, but Okkotsu’s rank has stayed special even after Rika was gone.

Ikkyu (grade 1)

Nanami Kento

Nanamin! A user of Tokaku Juho (ratio technique) that forcibly creates the weak point on the opponent. His physical power is also great and he can easily smash ordinary curse users to smithereens.


A mysterious female sorcerer who works on a freelance basis. She can control ravens as her slaves and battles with a large ax. And she LOVES money.

Todo Aoi

A third-year at Kyoto Jujutsu high school. He’s not from the Jujutsu sorcerer family, but he intended to become a sorcerer by meeting Tsukumo Yuki when he was little. The episode was described in ep 20 of anime.

Zenin Naobito

A father of Zenin Maki and Mai. The current head of the Zenin family.

Yaga Masamichi

The principal of Tokyo Jujutsu high school and an excellent creator of Jugai (cursed corpse) He was in charge of Gojo and Geto when they were high school students.

Kusakabe Atsuya

A teacher of Tokyo Jujutsu high school and an expert on Shin Kage Ryu (new shadow style) sword techniques.

Jun Ikkyu (Semi-grade 1)

Inumaki Toge

A user of Jugon (cursed speech). He can cast a curse with his word and what he speaks will become a reality.

Iori Utahime

A teacher of Kyoto Jujutsu high school. She’s wearing an outfit of Miko (a Japanese female shaman who serves at a Japanese Shinto shrine). Her Gojo teased her saying “Utahime, you’re weak!”.

Kamo Noritoshi

A third-year of Kyoto Jujutsu high school. He can transform his blood into a weapon with his Sekketsu Sojutsu (blood manipulation).

Muta Kokichi / Ultimate Mechamal

A second-year of Kyoto Jujutsu high school. He has massive cursed energy in exchange for his fragile body because of Tenyojubaku (heavenly restriction). He manipulates puppet with its enormous cursed energy.

Nikyu (grade 2)

Fushiguro Megumi

He’s originally from the Zenin family and inherited Tokusa no Kagebojutsu (ten shadows technique). The clear reason is unknown, but Ryomen Sukuna thinks highly of him.

Nishimiya Momo

A third-year at Kyoto Jujutsu high school. She looks like a witch girl and can fly with her broom.

Ino Takuma

A young Jujutsu sorcerer who respects Nanami from the bottom of his heart.

Jun Nikyu (semi-grade 2)


A giant panda who speaks human language. He is a cursed corpse created by Yaga Masamich. There’re three cores in his body and he can change his form and battle style depending on the core he uses.

Sankyu (grade 3)

Kugisaki Nobara

A user of Surei Juho (straw doll technique). She can flow her cursed energy and attack opponents using nails. For your information, the word KUGI in her family name means a nail.

Miwa Kasumi

A first-year at Kyoto Jujutsu high school. She can use Shin Kageryu Kani Ryoiki (new shadow style simple domain) which allows her to counter the opponent who entered into her simple domain.

Zenin Mai

A second-year at Kyoto high. She puts her cursed energy into something and constructs it as a real stuff with her Kochiku Jutsushiki (construction).

Yonkyu (grade 4)

Zenin Maki

She has a super-human physical ability because of Tenyojubaku (heavenly restriction). Though her rank stays grade 4 because of the interference with the Zenin family, it’s said her skill is equivalent at least to grade 2 or above.

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