Isekai Battle Royale

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(note this will be extremely long with my hard work put into it, please do not skip to the fight because I’d rather my hard work not get shit on like that)


overlord vs cautious hero vs log horizon vs that time i got reincarnated as a slime vs rise of the shield hero vs re:zero vs sword art online vs how not to summon a demon lord vs youjo senki vs demon lord retry vs arifureta vs konosuba

twelve overpowered well know isekai characters that all share one thing in common, there drive to survive

opening scene(because why not)

boomstick is shown looking at a board as he strings stuff together, it shows different hand drawn pictures of each character as he strings it all back to one question

“who is the strongest”


wiz: ainz ooal gown, the man turned skeleton overlord

boomstick: seiya ryuuguuin the overly cautious hero

wiz: shiroe the genius leader of log horizon

boomstick: rimuru tempest the over powered slime

wiz: naofumi iwatani the shield hero

boomstick: subaru the man who keeps getting revived

wiz: kirito the black swordsmen of sword art online

boomstick: diablo the gamer turned demon lord

wiz: tanya von degurechaff the evil nazi like loli

boomstick: hakuto kunai the man with hands down the coolest name I’ve ever heard

wiz: hajime nagumo worlds strongest

boomstick: and finally kazuma the idiot with a plan, good lord that’s alot of people

wiz: your the one whodecided to put this as our next match so i blame you

boomstick: i thought it would be fun and i still think it will be fun

wiz: anyways isekai is one of the most popular genre out there and is well regarded as the one stop shop for over powered characters

boomstick: so we dived into them and pulled out the twelve strongest we could find, he’s wiz and im boomstick

wiz: and it’s our job to analyze there weapons armor and skill to determine who would win, a deathbattle

ainz ooal gown over throws deathbattle

que overlord theme

wiz: power, what would you do for it, would you care about it, and do you need it, these are only some questions you should ask when you start a journey in search of it

boomstick: for most the answer is yes and they get it with them wanting it, but some aren’t like that, some find power without really looking for it

wiz: one of these unfourtunate souls was ainz ooal gown, a demon overlord and ruler of the temple of nazarick, but before this who was ainz, what role in the world did he play, who was ainz ooal gown

boomstick: he was a nerd in our world named suzuki satoru who was obsessed with an mmorpg, he was a guy who played till the end, he wasn’t much just a powerful guy in a popular game that was shutting down, but upon it shutting down he was sent to another world inside his avatar in the game

wiz: upon arrival he gave himself the name ainz ooal gown and started making sure anything needed to be done was done

boomstick: like making bonds with the naboring kingdoms through a knight like armor he wears, more on that when we get to the vs stuff for that specifically

wiz: ainz quickly showed his intelligence and many stayed away, but those who don’t aren’t exactly having a pleasant time any time soon, ainz is a tatical genius with powers that put others in his world to shame

boomstick: his body is a mix of different creatures, primarily a skeleton but he also has traits of an overlord, the strongest race in the game he used to play which gives him all the fuck all abilities of an overlord, he can increase the damage others take which is just fucking bullshit, he’s immune to acid and poison, black halo makes him untracable and he can see invisible things

wiz: he can raise the dead and if he puts enough power into this technique he raises an undead golem, a powerful beast able to rip through hordes of enemies in seconds, plus he can wrap himself in a dark aura uping his defence, spread fear in his opponents making them back down, and if he’s serious enough this technique can cause death

boomstick: he’s immune to electricity and ice, he’s resistant to magic, slashing, piercing damage, he can sense other undead beings, create level 90 monsters like a grim reaper or a overlord wisdom, the most powerful kind of overlord, and there’s more, cause why the fuck not throw in hundreds of abilities

wiz: he’s immune to mind control, critical hits, energy drain ext, he also has the class traits of a necromancer able to increase the power of his instant death skills, increase the power of his undead servants, and control any undead creature around him

boomstick: he also has stuff called super tier magic which include the following, creation magic, a giant piller of light that incinerates anything exposed to it’s light, plus he has a bullshit technique that summons a black vortex that kills everyone who’s not undead, a golem, or more powerful than him, plus he has an artifact that grants wishes at the cost of losing xp

wiz: along with this he has normal magic thats seperated into tiers as follow, 1,2,3,5,7,8,9, and 10 he doesn’t possess magic of tiers 4 or 6 so we can’t really mention those

boomstick: he can form and shoot arrows made of pure magic and even upgrade those to become acidic, increase his hearing, communicate with others telepathically, fly, and shoot elemental balls, which are balls of fire and ice a thing i made my glove able to do

wiz: why?

dummi tries running before boomstick freezes him with an ice ball then lights him up with a fire ball melting the robot

boomstick: that, that would be why, though ainz has then much bigger then the snowball size mine are at and there area of effect

wiz: he can shoot lightning, bound himself to an enemy so that if his opponent teleports to get away he teleports with them, slow down his opponents, shoot out a dragon made of lightning that tracks it’s target plus upgrade it to target multiple people at a time, plus create powerful weapons and armor, like his black knight armor which keeps him from using his magic but his defense, attack power, strength, speed, and stamina go up emensly making it easier in a sword fight which normally he can’t even use a sword but with this armor he’s basically another species, more human in a way

boomstick: what i got from that is boring sword fighting with extra steps, anyway moving on, he can put more magic into his opponents, teleport anywhere with no limitations, shoot hell flames which burn other flames, create a colum of fire, and even summon a giant ass army of zombies all alucard style

wiz: asteral smite works especially well against erthereal, cast death on others though only one target at a time and it has a recharge but still pretty useful in a pinch, stop others from teleporting, drain the energy from others, and make explosions happen from the palm of my hand

boomstick: he can summon a fairy that will guide him if he ever gets lost, shoot a fuck all power level lightning bolt, crush an opponents heart without even touching them, create a nuclear blast which is one of the weakest spells in the 9th tier spells, turn invisible and untracable, keep opponents from moving a muscle, stop ressurection magic, and send up a fire colum on a specfic target incinerating them almost instantly, what the fuck is this bullshit, how is ainz even remotely fair

wiz: were finally moving into the tenth tier, and now things truly become unfair, he can summon an army of high tier demons, become basically immune to punching an any other bludging attack, whipe the memories of others, create a tower to stay in as high ground, summon a meteor to hit people with, slash apart space itself bringing others right to him, stop time, and conbust others

boomstick: there that should be it right… wait what’s this it says tier ??? whats that?

wiz: while many of the spells that ainz uses are easily determined based off there power, some are so powerful that he can’t put them in a specific tier, so he made the mystery tier, one with spells so powerful even he doesn’t use them unless truly nessacarry, he can absorb magic, keep others from spying by making all they see darkness around him, bless people putting them under his protection, and

boomstick: summon a black hole, which is his strongest fucking magic skill, it consumes everything in it’s way, effectively letting ainz win almost any fight, he also can make people see him as there best friend, turn completely invisible, see through the thickest fog, cure poison from others with a touch, detect magic, make it impossible for someone to lie to him, make mines that float through the air locking onto any that they touch, and lay normal mines below the earth detonating like a normal one when stepping on them

wiz: he can create a high gravitaional field around him, create a ball of pure gravity that can crush anyone touched by it, create a sword that hones a opponent like a torpedo, paralyze an opponent, shoot a beam of negative energy, send a uncountable amount of bone spears, and

boomstick: create an actual sharknado, don’t care what you think, that’s a deadass refrence to that movie

wiz: why? god only knows, anyway last ability we will talk aboutis where he sends out a massive shockwave from his body keeping those who fight up close away

boomstick: well… we have one more thing to talk about, his special skill, after mastering everything ainz became a literal grim reaper, letting him by pass resistsance and immunity to instant death spells, he can use this ability to spread an area where all those in it die, which is stronger than the black hole but this is a skill not a magical ability, which is bullshit, though the ability only works in a 100 meter radius so it’s easy to avoid, and it has a recharge time of 100 hours

wiz: ainz has created and destroyed universes, is powerful enough to beat all the floor gaurdians at once, and is so powerful his very existence threatens time and space

boomstick: he’s moved so fast he was blur to people who considered light itself to be slow to do this he was definetly moving at least two hundred times light speed

wiz: ainz is extremely powerful but not without his flaws, he can be ruthless and have poor judgment of certain situations, plus while he is most certainly smart and powerful, he is cocky and has his fair share of weaknesses, main one being if someone is more powerful than him then he just can’t do anything to them, not even his instant death magic can save him

boomstick: yeah, which leads into what we know of the story so far ainz dies, or at least that’s what it looks like right now

wiz: but ainz will always be known, the gods fear his name, the demons bow to him, sukuki truly has become, an overlord to be respected

ainz: “death by sword, death by broken bones, death by crushing, there’s not much of a difference, right? you die at the end”

seiya ryuuguuin is completely prepared for deathbattle

que the cautious hero theme

wiz: the gods are beings usually seen as all powerful beings with no limits, but, in the universe of cautious hero they had a different inturpritation

boomstick: there usless, they can heal and stuff sure but they aren’t allowed to defend the realms so what’s the point

wiz: with the realms left ungaurded demon lords started to take over, left with no other choices the gods summoned heroes to battle these threats so that balance is kept

boomstick: among these heroes was one so powerful he is only used for top tier missions, this man was overpowered but also overly cautious, you all should know who were talking about, yes he’s back, seiya ryuuguuin, the guy with the longest fucking last name I’ve ever seen

wiz: this will be a light recap of his story because oh boy do we have alot to go through like last time, so seiya is a guy who used to be summoned consistantly by the goddess ariadoa until he was summoned to defend the realm Ixphoria, in it he met the woman tiana and fell in love with her, he and her got ingauged she got pregnant with his child, and so they went to go fight the demon lord along with tiana’s body gaurd and of course ariadoa, but back then seiya was careless and underprepared leading him to not know the demon lord had a second life, so when it got up again it quickly ate ariadoa cutting off there form of escape, then the body gaurd, seiya tried buying tiana some time by fighting but the demon lord batted him away before catching tiana and killing her infront of him, left with nothing seiya just gave up the demon lord killing him, soon after, he lost his memory but never lost the trauma never being unprepared again, got all that

boomstick: no

wiz: well to bad, were moving on now, so seiya has alot of magical powers using them for combat in many, many different ways, let’s start with the basics cause oh boy is there alot here, he can fly at mach speeds, he one time moved from this town to another in only a second, by judging the distance he was moving 10,800,000 miles an hour, that’s 14,191 times faster than sound

boomstick: he’s got a multitude of fire techniques, he can summon the automic pheonix infinite which targets weaker opponents, hell fire let’s him shoot fire that burns other fire in a beam like flame thrower, he can create spears of fire, shoot out a fire arrow or multiple fire arrows, and light his sword on fire to preform the mighty pheinix thrust which will leave an opponent falling apart

wiz: he can shoot a small orb that freezes others on contact, and freeze people solid with a punch, he can create a shield from air that can take pretty much any amount of damage, send slashes of air along with a double slash version of this, split enemies in half with the atomic split slash, summon a serpant made of earth, summon a golem, create a steel wall to block attacks plus repair this wall if it’s damaged, and even create a boulder that explodes, a wall that’s entirely translucent, a dome made of iron, create an bottomless pit, and create a slithering mine which moves twards opponents

boomstick: not even a quater of the way through yet, he can summon a thunder bolt from the heavens to strike others, create shadow hands to grab opponents, make people love him forcing them to tell him everthing they know, and instantly kill someone if they tell a lie

wiz: he’s enchanted his blade letting it cut through space itself, create multiple arrows of light, up to 5 total, create a cage that closes in on enemies crushing them to death, this is a holy skill aparently, plus he can create a beam of pure holy light which is super effective against undead and demons

boomstick: he can drain energy straight from your soul, plus destroy a spirit with a snap, cause that’s definetly not overpowered, he also summoned a meteor that whiped out a army of the dead in a giant explosion

wiz: by basing the size of the explosion copared to the nearby hills, it should be worth 60,000,000 tons of tnt

boomstick: and he can spam that attack, he also scales to beings like the demon lord who can whipe out univereses

wiz: he can summon dual swords able to harm the demon lord who’s supposedly invincible, can send out explosions that are hundreds of times more powerful than the one caused by the meteor, can scan people for weaknesses, shoot gusts of air so powerful it whipes out entire towns, transform items into other items and change a person morphing them, only if he can make contact though, go into a berserk state where his power bursts from him making him more powerful than ever, but his absolute strongest move, is the valhala gate

boomstick: this move can kill most in one shot only way to resist is if you exist out side time and space like the demon lord, it kills him if he’s not healed but the second time he uses it, even if he heals he will die

wiz: and he ended up having to do this, but he saved billions of lives in the proccess, he sacrificed himself just to save the world, never say the cautious hero isn’t selfless

boomstick: before we move on, is there any way to beat him

wiz: yes, seiya is cautious but he isn’t the smartest, he wastes mana and if he runs out he’s a sitting duck, and despite the amount he has he can easily run out at any time

boomstick: plus he’s a bit to nice at times, sometimes this leads him to taking hit’s for people who aren’t even innocent

wiz: still after defending a new world successfully with the goddess rista he was left dieing, he had to use a second valhala gate and in his final moments, he got his memory back, and found that the goddess was his lost love, reincarnated into a goddess

boomstick: he died happy in his last moments, in that life

wiz: due to being summoned in spirit, technically seiya can’t die in that world, only in his home world, hence why he can be resummoned, why he’s reusable, and at the end he was resummoned by rista, to defend another world with her

boomstick: but even with a happy end, you must remember, don’t fuck with the cautious hero

wiz: all those who do, will die

seiya: “be careful, be cautious, be overly cautious. you may find yourself alienated or hated, but you have to endure it all. this time, for sure you’ll prove that you can save your friends, your loved ones, and the entire world”

shiroe has a plan for deathbattle

que log horizon theme

wiz: video games, everyone loves playing them and one of the most popular games in the world log horizon was getting an update soon when time froze

boomstick: several thousand people disappeared that day, reappearing in the world, of log horizon

boomstick: the monsters and beasts in this world were tough and ruthless, there were tons of powerful players in this world and the player kei shirogane doesn’t quite fit that

wiz: let you say what you will boomstick, this one player is the last man you want to mess with

boomstick: I’ll be the judge of that, anyways shirogane, shiroe for short grew up as tipical nerdy kid, obsessed with games, being an a+ student, and was an all around genius

wiz: reminds me of myself, except he didn’t pursue a life of evil experiments like i did, he eventually after graduating college he found the game log horizon, a game he simply loved playing, he played solo mostly, despite the fact he’s a mage that’s mostly meant to be support, though that’s not to say he’s not capable on his own

boomstick: he can summon a griffin which he uses to get around, and can fight for him

wiz: he can use the spell asteral bind which keeps people in one spot making it easy for teammates to take down enemies or use the spell electrical fuzz which is an orb that deals damage over time to opponents

boomstick: thorn bind hostage is a powerful damage dealer, each time he or a teammate hit an opponent while there trapped by this spell a thorn explodes dealing 1000 damageand once all have exploded, dealing an aditional 5000, there’s five thousand thorns on an individual vine with there being five vines, five times five thousand is 25000 times 1000 that’s 250,000 damage total, more than a normal person usually could take

wiz: he actually survived this spell when another mage used it on him, so shiro health wise is one of the best in the game

boomstick: with shiro, that’s all his stats come to, numbers, his durability is on par with a knight which is immune to weaker mele hits, plus he can put people to sleep with a hynosis spear, they wake up if there attacked but he can spam this technique,plus he can launch a translucent sphear called nightmare sphear that expands to a given area,slowing some to a halt, there speed goes down 80% a major difference in a fight

wiz: he can heal himself and others, he can also cast buffs on teammates, which leads to shiro’s most fascinating skill, his intelligence, he knows when to make friends and who he should befriend, with a single look, he thinks strtegically and this comes in handy when it’s needed

boomstick: yeah yeah, but what about his equipment, without many offense options with his magic he surely has equipment to make up for this, right?

wiz: well, let’s look at his gear, starting off with his staff, the staff of wise horned owl, this increases his magic making casting spells easier, plus it boosts a spells power… this includes the power of thorn bind hostage and nightmare sphear

boomstick: that’s the most anime bullshit I’ve ever seen and we just covered two who are literally above god’s in power

wiz: well, his robe increases asteral bind even more… making it impossible for the target to move a muscle, and he has a bird looking taiisman that makes him immune to speed decrease effects, and let’s him damage those who are indestructible or unkillable

boomstick: he has second staff that can make an unbreakable shield made of wings that’s resistant to even death effects made to get past anti death affects, a cloak that makes status effects useless against him so he’s immune to the elements, gravity fields, ext, and a talisman that increases mind type magic like hynosis, heck with it shiroe can straight up mind control others

wiz: plus he can create shield using his mind, this talisman is actually powerful cause it just makes it impossible to get close to shiroe, he can use any mental magic with it, which guess what, that should include telekenisis and other pyschic abilities, potential shiro honestly wastes

boomstick: like my mom when we had to many left overs, she always throws them out

wiz: shiro has reacted to his body gaurd who can move faster than light

boomstick: actually shiro formed a guild, he stopped being by himself, it’s no longer just temporary every now and then team ups, he made a guild, made friends

wiz: getting stuck in the game was the best thing that ever happened to him, shiro just learned that in a new world like this no one should be alone

shiro:”to survive in this world, we must hurry and learn it’s rules and how to fight”

rimuru tempest absorbs deathbattle

que that time i got reincarnated as a slime theme

wiz: if a friend was in danger, what would you do, would you leave them, or would you sacrifice yourself to save them

boomstick: for satoru mikami he sacrificed himself to save his friend, who invited him to dinner to brag about his fiance… maybe you should use your time machine to stop ths

wiz: no, anyways in his final moments, he thought and a voice answered, one that would change his life forever, his reincarnation, has begun

boomstick: due to what he was thinking which was how it felt to die, he became what the voice thought he wanted to become… a slime, you sure we got the right guy here wiz

wiz: it wasn’t long before satoru met the mighty storm dragon, valdora

boomstick: you see veldora has been locked in a prison for hundreds of years, so he was reasonably lonely, and seeing an intelligent talking slime, made him curious

wiz: it didn’t take long for veldora and rimuru to become friends and during this time they gave eachother a last name in veldora’s case and veldora gave satoru a new name, rimuru tempest

boomstick: after this rimuru promised to find veldora a way out of his prison using his skill predator to consume veldora along with the prison, like a kirby with no limits, or just kirby

wiz: predator is one of his most interesting atributes, it lets him obsorb anything into his body, weather it be magic, dead bodies, or even souls, where he sends these souls to an afterlife inside of him, but you could end up not so lucky… ending up where veldora is having to fight him instead

boomstick: but that’s not to say rimuru isn’t plenty powerful on his ownbeing a slime he’s maluable able twist and contort his body in any way he wants

wiz: being a slime he can’t feel pain, he’s immune to climate conditions, so you can’t freeze him or burn him, he can even transform in any way he wants

boomstick: including transforming into his human form, which is a male version of the girl he was supposed to end up with… who’s technically dead, so yeah he’s forever alone guy if the forever alone guy at least had friends, but this is only the start of his abilities, predator we talked about but there’s one ability in particular we must talk about here, his ability to copy things he absorbs, items, magic, special skills and it’s more powerful if absorbs the corpse of the source, but if he absorbs a living thing like veldora he doesn’t get there abilities or power which just seems like bullshit

wiz: because this he has much more abilities than he reasonably should have, he can create poisoness gas, shoot a string that’s tougher than steel, he’s immune to poison, can shoot a black lightning able to destroy islands, plus regenerate from basically anything

boomstick: he’s also able to summon his badass tempest wolf, ranga who alone can take down the toughest of normal monsters, heck ranga is comparable to this guy benimaru who’s basic bitch magic spell is worth 15 megatons of tnt

wiz: rimuru has actually taken down beings that could destroy a mountain, he’s also an expert swordsman and can have the voice, who’s called the great sage, later on named rapael, when like this his body has faster reaction speeds, and is much better in hand to hand combat

boomstick: with all of this it’s no surprise you shouldn’t fuck with.,, but then a kingdom decided to do just that killing some of the people in an goblin village he runs, oh yeah by the way he runs an goblin village, which became a kingdom, but the point is that his friends were killed, only problem was, there were three shields holding there souls in the kingdom

wiz: wanting to revive his friends he sought out a way to save them and turns out there was one, but he didn’t like it

boomstick: inorder to save his friends, he had to become a demon lord, and so he did just that, he whiped out the army that killed his friends and that plundged his soul into sin, turning him into a demon lord, and with that his power went up emensly, he can leterally control the souls of others, pull out the souls of others if he needed to

wiz: rimuru gained more power, like how he broke valdora’s seal and turned him human

boomstick: what is that play boy mother fucker, i refuse to believe that’s the badass dragon

wiz: well it is and because he’s in a human form he can rip off other moves from different series

boomstick: he straight up does the hadoken, shuruken, tatsumaki senpukyu, plus say it with me KAMEHAMEHA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

wiz: seriously, anyways reason why were mentioning this is because he can summon valdora at will to help him fight, and valdora was keeping up with his neice melime who is a demon lord able to destroy planets with a snap

boomstick: rimuru can even match this freakish level of power, along with doing a shit ton of other stuff

wiz: he can think at rates so fast it’s faster than time, send out black tendrels that absorbs attacks, cast thousands of ice lances, use the same moves veldora can because veldora died one time… then he restored veldora, eat a persons soul, desintigrate you with a thought, and bend space and time, able to stop time, speed it up or slow it down, or warp reality around him using it as a shield, create weapons, or just bind and trap opponents

boomstick: predict enemies moves, create a near unbreakable shield, create an unbreakable thread, control weaker beings, teleport, create black flames, rimuru is just the definition of anime bullshit, and we aren’t even at the half way point of his abilities

wiz: he can sense anything within a sertain radius, shoot a black thunder that he can control, control gravity, control matter itself, create clones, disrupt the use of magic, move through shadows, sense anything with magic in it, communicate with other telepathically, paralyze opponents with a potent poison he shoots from his mouth, form a scale like armor around his body, and shoot shockwaves from his body, but of course were just getting started on explaining the amount of absurd abilities he has

boomstick: yeah, you see this guy is a never ending nut case of abilities, for every one ability he has a dozen more so this is gonna be a long one folks, sit back, grab some popcorn and enjoy

wiz: well anyways, let’s talk about what he’s resistant to, he can resist the elements, tempreture as mentioned earlier, demon and holy attacks, magic, and even spirital magic, plus he’s immune to physical attacks like sword swings and what not

boomstick: though he’s not immune to what he’s resistant to and still can be harmed by users of them that are powerful enough, but good luck getting past the rest of his fuck all abilities

wiz: he can hit with the power of ten megatons, create an anti magic barrier, manipulate and control a persons mind, cast illusions, create a fire storm, send out explosions from his palms, shoot out flames that cause explosions, send out the mighty wind cutter and shoot out a tornado that cuts others to shreads, and manipulate water

boomstick: he can summon a lightning bolt from the sky able to destroy a mountain in one go, summon an undead army, summon spirits to help him fight, summon demons, shoot a death beam that desintegrate opponents on the molecular level, fire a giant ball of holy energy, heal himself and others, create a field of holy energy that damages monsters and demons, and revive others

wiz: create a heat wave so powerful it can melt a persons skin off, and using time and space manipulation, whipe others from existence, rimuru is powerful and really not one you want to mess with

boomstick: he scales above other demon lords which supposedly can create and destroy universes at will

wiz: he’s also reacted to melime who can move so fast she moved from one kindom to another on the other side of the contry in a meir second, judging by the distance she had to have been moving around 1 trillion miles an hour, that’s almost 6 million times faster than light though he did barely dodge the attack and in movement speed melime is legues above rimuru, supposedly ten times faster

boomstick: which leads us to his weaknesses, rimuru is determined, he tries saving all the innocence he possibly can, without care if he’s putting himself in danger

wiz: and while rimuru can’t feel pain, he still takes damage and if his health reaches zero, he will die

boomstick: still after years rimuru had done it, he achieved greatness in the world

wiz: rimuru is a shinning example of what you could be if you tried to defend your friends, if you did everything to save them

boomstick: rimuru is truly a badass, mess with him and there won’t be much of you left

rimuru: during this time i was in heaven, but fun times never last long, that’s just how life is”

naofumi iwatani shields deathbattle

que shield hero theme

wiz: what if you got summoned to another world to defend it, to save it from evil, you would expect respect correct

boomstick: well for the unfourtanate souls that become the shield hero, you aren’t so lucky

wiz: one of these pour souls was naofumi iwatani, a normal guy who had nothing interesting about him, until he found a strange book labeled, the shield hero, after that he was summoned to another world

boomstick: turns out he was the shield hero, summoned into a kingdom that really hated the shield hero

wiz: the princess of this kingdom went on him as to acompany him on his journey to gain more power, but this was just a ploy to get him in trouble

boomstick: by acusing him of rape, bitch move but still after leaving to go get more power, he started finding his shields true power, it can absorb items and other things to make other things like healt potions or cook and season food, anything really

wiz: but his shields true power comes from it’s ability to transform, giving naofumi plenty of options for fighting, with the spirit turtoise head shield he can send out energy blasts, with the nue shield he can put people to sleep within a given area and time limit

boomstick: plus he can launch himself forward at high speeds to hit enemies really, really hard, and depending on what shield he has out, it can do verying levels of damage

wiz: he of course also has plenty of defensive options as well, he can create air shields that he can stack on top of each other, each one better than the last, making a basically inpenetrable shield

boomstick: he can create a prison from shields he can trap opponents in, then create a giant iron maiden that it floats into, effectively killing his opponents in a fuck all attack, he can also create shields of pure light that even the spear hero has trouble getting through, and that guy can hit hard enough to detonate a mountain

wiz: he can create two sheilds that float around him, he has no control of where he is though they are unbreakable, he also has a gift to make animals, demi humans, and beast men comfortable around him, it’s a strange ability but also useful when fighting none human foes that are among those categories

boomstick: he can teleport, lure monsters to him, breathe underwater, hit an opponent with a dart that deals double damage to those hit by it, negate an opponents attack, he can even materialize buildings from thin air, like how i will demonstaight with my glove. watch wiz as i create a building that will crush you

nothing happens

boomstick: why isn’t this working

wiz: because to preform that technique naofumi uses items inside his shield as material, if he didn’t he’d be having as much trouble as boomstick is

boomstick: well with my embarassment out of the way, shoot a beam of light that makes enemies avert there eyes without blinding them, and his shield of zero cancels attacks that miss him and head for his teammates

wiz: he can reflect magical attacks back at his opponent, summon a shield that shoots needles that stun and poison opponents, summon a shield that if hit sends out two dogs that rush for his opponent, similar with another shield that shoots snake heads instead that are of course poisoness

boomstick: he can shoot a black fire that damages both him and his opponents, steal spirital power from others, shoot a beam of pure heat, recover health over time, shoot a missle that both does damage and steals spirital power,and even launch a missle that increases gravity around a person

wiz: he can shoot lightning, shoot a beam of black light, shoot demon bullets like a turrent, and then, there’s his strongest shield, the wrath shield

boomstick: this thing is the definition of overpowered, it checks every category in broken, only thing it can’t really do is distort space and time, but that’s about it

wiz: he can create a field of fire that incinerates any not immune to it, but the ability that straight up takes it for strongest move he’s used is the blood sacrifice, if he sacrifices most of his blood it can send a giant snake like beast from the ground that can one shit just about anything, there is a move more powerful but we don’t know what it is, naofumi hasen’t used it yet

boomstick: there have been more that he can summon, but he lost those because technically there entirely different from his legendary shield which he had lost when he recieved these so we can’t really give them to him

wiz: he may not have more shields, but he does have magic that i will attempt to go through in one go

boomstick: you sure

wiz: yes, anyways, he can heal himself, restore stamina, sacrifice life force for a giant boost in power, negate spells on the level of a sertain power or less, shoot a stream of water from his hands, create a barrier of water, summon a lightning strike, create illusions, increase his speed, plus whenever he uses magic a being called the demon dragon infuses his power into it increasing naofumis spell power

boomstick: that’s less than i expected

wiz and thankfully, that’s it

boomstick: ok well, naofumi has done alot, like reacting to the spear hero, who reacted to lightning from the sky

wiz: he’s fought and killed demons which are capable of light speed travel and some have destroyed planets without much effort, one time he even block a universe level attack, without even getting scratched

boomstick: and after everything, naofumi is still fighting to save a world that abandoned him, with help with his two friends raphtallia and filo

wiz: he’s come far from when he first arrived in this new world, he’s not a villain though, and he’s not a hero, he’s just a normal guy that fights for what he believes

naofumi: “my name was being cleared in the public eye, and yet my heart didn’t feel the least bit lighter”

subaru is revived into deathbattle

que re:zero theme

wiz: if you ended up in a new world, what would you do?

boomstick: for some they would learn the worlds rules, for others they’d start searching for riches and power, but for one, he went chasing a girl

wiz: this, was subaru natsuki

boomstick: i thought we were talking about a guy not a car

wiz: that’s his actual name

boomstick: so a guy was named after a car brand by his parents, i feel bad for him

wiz: anyways, subaru grew up mostly alone, he didn’t have much in terms of friends, he was, an introvert

boomstick: eventually he grew up and was still alone, he got a job and a steady income, until one day while shopping he was mysteriously summoned to another world where he met the princess, emilia, who taught him that magic existed in that world, and after awhile he actually learned magic

wiz: but the most interesting part of him, is his revival, whenever he dies, he’s almost instantly revived to a previous point almost like a video game respawn, making it questionable if there’s a way to kill him, but in a hypothesis is that if his soul is destroyed that his body will die permantly, or if someone found a way to break the spell placed on him by the goddess , either way could stop the ability

boomstick: and to stop this, he learned magic that could hopefully keep that from happening, he has enhanced senses making it hard to sneak up on him, he can see invisible objects, he can create force fields, and even manipulate the minds of others

wiz: one of his most resourceful abilities though is his shadow manipulation, using this he once covered an entire city in darkness, basing off how big the city was plus how tall the field was, to do thia he had to have moved 200 thousands tons, a force that could kill an average person, he also can create shadow hands, a blade of pur darkness, and anything he can really think of

boomstick: he can turn invisible, go intangible, change the smell of people and objects, resist mind control and manipulation he can even make someone go mad with a touch

wiz: he can even remember someone who was whiped from history itself, bringing her back through sheer will

boomstick: but after re:zeroes 6th ark, he got even more abilities, he now also carries and uses a whip, so yeah

wiz: he can summon spirits to help him fight, he’s resistance to being cursed, and since he can summon spirits he has one he can summon at will named beatrice, she helps him in fights and her help is extremely useful, she can stop time, manipulate space around him, send objects and people to other dimensions, fly, and is basically immortal able to regenerate from pretty much anything

boomstick: she can manipulate gravity, nullify powers of others, teleport, create portals, turn others to crystal, shoot dozens of bullet like shots to try overwhelming enemies, manipulate water, become invaulnerable, and create illusions

wiz: she also can manipulate the senses of others, and create black holes

boomstick: she actually upscales weaker gods which can whipe out solar systems

wiz: subaru has reacted to beings stated to be twice as fast as sound, has whiped out walls with a punch, and beat a whale that whiped his friend rem from history itself

boomstick: subaru is probably the one with the most ridiculous feats hear but while he’s powerful he’s also a complete dipshit

wiz: subaru lacks common sense and often gets into trouble because of it

boomstick: plus he makes many, many bad choices, from fighting when he shouldn’t to making choices that are controversal but we aren’t gonna talk about that

wiz: controversal opinions aside, subaru became the body gaurd of his love emilia and eventually, confessed to her and well, the web says alot but apparently she recipricated according to most sources

boomstick: you haven’t watched re:zero yet?

wiz: no, i haven’t, i was forced to do research on the fly because you sprung this on me at random

boomstick: whatever

subaru: “i have no strength, but i want it all, i have no knowledge, but all i do is dream, there’s nothing i can do, but i struggle in vain”

kirito slashes into deathbattle

que sao theme

wiz: games, things many love playing, perfessionals rise all the time but it takes true skill to be the best

boomstick: many try to scratch and claw there way to the top but very few make it, but one did

wiz: this was kazuto kirigaya, but you may know him as the black swordsmen of sword art online, kirito

boomstick: born under the name kazuto narusaka he was abandoned at birth and for the first years of his life was stuck in an orphanage, until the kirigaya family adopted him, through out his life he trained in a dojo learning kendo sword styles but due to him prefering to use two swords he didn’t stay for long

wiz: kazuto eventually took up gaming and rose as a well known combat based player, and wasn’t long until he was invited to join 999 beta testers for a game that would revultionize games themselves

boomstick: sword art online, it was no surprise he became the best of the best in the game, rising to become so ridiculously powerful no one can match him’

wiz: until the release of the full game, where the man behind sao revealed his true intent, trap all 100,000 players in the game, and if they die in game, they die in real life

boomstick: what he wasn’t counting on was the pain and suffering kazuto would feel, meeting people and wanting to protect them just for them to die

wiz: wanting to beat the game and save everyone he could kazuto took up his username kirito, and went the distance with it

boomstick: he mastered all one handed sword styles, heck he got so good at it he can use a two sword attack known as the star burst stream a stream of attacks where he moves faster than light

wiz: he eventually got an ai daughter named yui who technically died but at the same time didn’t, her heart was put into his gear which means kirito has access to his daughter at all times

wiz: and that’s useful since yui can analyze opponents and find weak spots which kirito can get to since his speed is unlike any other player, early in the game when his speed wasn’t maxed out he moved 80 feet faster than 9 trained eyes could track after taking out weapons that were stabbed into him

boomstick: he did all this in less than a nano second, thats around 15 times sound, and once he got to the end of his journey in sao his speed was stated to be close to light

wiz: and after a fight against the man responsible he saved his girl friend asuna and everyone else in the game and never got bothered again]

slight pause before both laughed

boomstick: yeah no, some asshole kidnapped the minds of one thousand players including asuna so reasonably kirito was kinda pissed when he found out

wiz: here’s how we will be doing this, we are gonna do something very much debatable but for each game we will count as an aditional form for kirito

boomstick: sorry if you say we shouldn’t, it’s how we are doing this you can’t change our minds

wiz: anyway in this new form kirito became a new type of swordsman, he became a fairy

boomstick: seriously?

wiz: yup, in this form he’s a race of fairy called spriggan, which specializes in speed and stealth over power, but unlike others of this race kirito is is emensilly more powerful able to keep up with and beat the strongest in a race that speciallizes in power

boomstick: in this fight he created a explosion that was the size of a nearby mountain, by judging the size of the explosion i can determine the power out put to create this would be 5 million tons of tnt

wiz: in this form he’s able to weild a giant sword with one hand, dual weilding it with a smaller sword and funny enough, his speed is still the same

boomstick: actually when like this kirito’s speed was increased emensily from sao, if he wasn’t light speed before, he sure is now, he dodged muliple light based beams without even looking

wiz: he also got one of his strongest weapons, a holy sword known as, excalabur, this weapon lets him fly as long as he want an maxes out his classes abilities, makiing him basically able to turn invisible and even steal organs and body parts without others noticing

boomstick: plus in his final battle with the asshole who kidnapped everyone, he got so pissed through seir will he stood up in a gravity field that’s 10 times greater than the pull of a black hole, and he fought at his regular speed in this fight

wiz: after killing the guy both game and real life, he started to oficially date asuna

boomstick: then people in another game started to die so kirito went to stop that

wiz: this is his gun gale online form, when using this form kirito is much more powerful physically but he’s slower, though he now has a pistol, grenades

boomstick: and an off brand lightsaber, using this kirito blocked hundreds of machine gun shots, speeds that would require moving 45 times sound, plus he stopped some of the toughest players in there tracks, like his friend sinon who dodged a stream of laser like bullets, and he hit her no problem

wiz: still after taking down the villain death gun, he was set to live a good life, he was on the fast track to fame and fourtain as a game deseigner and he wanted to walk that rode with asuna, but after a player who survived sao but lost to kirito tracked him down and promptly poisoned him as he was about to propose to asuna

boomstick: dick move but now he was put in the game alicization while he was treated to save his life, here he met his friend eugeo who he helped become a powerhouse

wiz: eugeo grew powerful enough to take down high tier integrity knights who were stated to be able to whipe out galaxies if they wanted to

as determined in eugeo vs kojiro sasaki

boomstick: and kirito trumps that level of power easily, he even scales to the administrator who scales to this girl cardinal who can delete all of the alicization world at will

wiz: cardinal is not a player, she’s an ai inside the game, to do this she has to literally whipe out everything in the game, the entire digital universe that she was living in

boomstick: yeah were getting to the truly absurd power scales for kirito, but in this he gains things synthesis comands which let him do all sorts of shit, he can heal entire limbs and any amount of damage, share his life force with others, enhance his senses, and create illusions

wiz: he’s able to summon orbs of fire and ice that burn and freeze enemies, create a smoke screen, imbue his sword with darkness, ice, lightning, or fire effects which are self explanetary

boomstick: if it’s not obvious elemental control is something kirito can easily manipulate the earth around him, shoot fire and lightning, control shadows, shoot beams of light, and shoot out icycles that impail others, plus he can access his inner anime bullshit and make himself immune to magic

wiz: though it should be immportant to note that the synthesis commands are not magic, they are code to the game that wasn’t even supposed to be accessable to the none creators, but the adminstrator broke the rules and got access to them along with all the other ai

boomstick: he even beat the adminstator and figured out he can kill others with one command, this command is absolute and can’t be resisted, unless your kirito who resisted it through shear will power

wiz: but his true overpowered abilities show when he’s serious because he can warp reality and control time. he can specifically freeze others in time for as long as he wants, whipe others from existence, rewind wounds on his body, speed up time, create matter infront of him, and do basically whatever he wants

boomstick: and after eugeo was killed he gained the sword the blue rose which he dual weilds with his main, the blue rose can freeze others solid and drain there health while there frozen

wiz: his main sword can also send out a beam of pur darkness that envelopes everything in it’s way, effectively killing all in it’s path

boomstick: it’s no surprise after all this he found a way to stop cardinal from destroying alicization, save the integrity knights, and kill the adminstrator

wiz: and after everything, he finally got to live a calm peaceful life with asuna, and yue

boomstick: but he didn’t get out of it scott free, kirito has to deal with all the trauma of losing so many friends and no matter what he can’t get rid

wiz: but kirito just looks at those moments and tells himself he wont ever let it happen again

boomstick: never say the black swordsman of sao isn’t badass

kirito: “I’d rather die with someone than let that person die before my eye’s”

diablo is summoned into deathbattle

que how not to summon a demon lord theme

wiz: what if you summoned someone in hopes they were a demon lord, just to find something far more powerful?

boomstick: for a young elf princess and orphaned pantherian girl, they got, diablo

wiz: but who was this white haired man before they summoned him, well he was a humble gamer with a powerful avatar named diablo, until one day he was summoned to another world as his avatar

boomstick: he realized this and so he joined a guild and started going on missions, and with his set of magical abiities, he’s one hell of a opponent for anyone to fight

wiz: he can teleport to previously visited towns which is just the most basic spell he knows, he can create and manipulate ice, which he covered an entire forest in ice once, judging by the amount covered, to do this he was out putting a force of 4 megatons of tnt

boomstick: he can shoot and control fire, light, and water, break weapons with a flick, create a snow storm, shoot arrows of light, and send explosions from his palms

wiz: he can also increase the power of the explosions, shoot concentrated shots of air, fire bullets made of fire and darkness, create orbs of pure darkness that manipulate gravity around them, shoot a black hellfire, and create an explosion with no sound

boomstick: wheres the fun in that?

wiz: don’t know

boomstick: i would use my glove but marshal borrowed it to get deadpool out of his house

wiz: why was deadpool there?

boomstick: don’t know dont care, back to the deathbattle, he can summon and launch a black lance, cause it to rain arrows made of shadows, create a net made of wind that cuts people to ribbons, and create a fuck all ball of fire that explodes making it rain fire

wiz: make spots of the earth explode if stepped on, freeze anyone solid with a snap, freeze a select area that decreases the speeds of others, create a wall of lava, summon countless meteors hit all in his way, which creates a large explosion able to destroy islands and even small continents

boomstick: he can create tornados that freeze others on contact, create fire and lightning inside an opponent that rip them apart, and create a lance made of light that tracks others like a tracking missle, plus create a small black hole that traps others, is this just a theme this episode cause almost everyone so far has been able to create a black hole in some shape or form

wiz: but his strongest spell, is white nova, by forming a fire ball thats no bigger than a ping pong ball and dropping it to the ground, diablo causes a explosion that whipes out everything but him within a certain radius, destroying things at an atomic level

boomstick: he can fly, control gravity, create a fuck all tornado that can decimate this demon stated to whipe out a continent at max power, create an air shield, throw a spear wrapped in black lightning, and launch a canon ball of pure darkness

wiz: absolute zero stops any physical thing he touches in it’s tracks, create the strongest tornado ever able to destroy continents, create a small earth quake, create a poisoness cloud, and throw a ice berg at people

boomstick: he can move so fast he looks like a blur to demons, which can track light, send shockwaves from his punches, and summon a meteor that produces lightning

wiz: he can create a giant wall of water, create a powerful storm with a snap, make it rain different elements, and he caqn equip the ruination ring to cast the beam of fire, ruination flame, which decintigrates pretty much anything

boomstick: he also carries a scythe that can cut through most things, a ring that lets him reflect attacks, a crown that restores his hp, an item that lets him dodge any attack once a day, a dagger that restores hp, an armor that increases his physical attack strength, a ring that lets him sacrifice defense for a berserker mode that emensily increases pysical power, and the staff of annihilation which i don’t know what that does, but it’s safe to assume it increases magical power

wiz: he’s blown up entire towns by himsekf and even shown power stated able to whipe out a entire continent

boomstick: but still even after he’s had to face many foes protecting his friends he never lets up

wiz: diablo is a power house but even he has his limits, he can get exhausted if over worked and he still only has a limited amount of mana and without it he can’t use magic

boomstick: still he’ll never stop fighting, try harming innocent souls he will find you and kick your ass

diablo: “dying with some stupid idea that you’re all in this world is no atonement”

tanya von degurchaff soars into deathbattle

que youjo senki theme

wiz: relgion is something many treasure, to abandon faith is to be a sin by the accounts of those with relgion

boomstick: for one salary man he refused to believe in god, this man has little known about his past but once he got to hired into human resources, he knew he was perfect for the job

wiz: it was his job to fire workers the company did not want, but one day a co worker he had fired that day pushed him infront of a train as it was passing by and he was killed

boomstick: but if it isn’t obvious by how this episode works, death wasn’t the end, he encountered the god of the worlds, being X and after a short conversation were the man was incredibly rude the being X reincarnated him into an infant girl

wiz: he became, tanya degurchaff, growing up tanya was an orphan, living in a church she thought of it as pointless but to survive she never voiced her thoughts

boomstick: until one day a group of people did a test that showed tanya was gifted, with magic

wiz: learning to use it wasn’t particularly hard, but before that she was trained in hand to hand combat, knife fighting, and many diffferent martial arts, plus due to military training tanya is able to use a multitude of different guns, like her signature, mondragon rifle

boomstick: in real life this puppy was used by mexicans in the 1900’s, but this version is a bit more powerful, running on magic it fires magical shots that can blast through tanks, but this puppy ain’t all that tanya uses, thanks to the magic of anime bullshit she can summon her weapons at any time and being a top ranking general means you have access to all the weapons you could need

wiz: she carries the luger po8 is a automatic pistol, the mauser c96, a semi automatic pistol that’s a standard fire arm she uses for close range combat, the mauser gewehr 98 is a rifle that now adays are used for hunting, the range is it’s strong suite but tanya has no problem using it at close range

boomstick: she also dual wields the weapons gewehr 43 and mag 34, these two babies are semi automatic sniper rifles that tanya can get precise shots with despite not aiming with them

wiz: the gustloff volksstrumgewehr, is a assault rifle meant for more fast paced fights, rounds aren’t the most powerful, but it’s fire rate certainly makes up for it

boomstick: she certainly doesn’t have an anti tank rifle

*image of tanya firing a gun that shoots through a war ship destroying it*

boomstick: ah shit that’s a anti tank rifle, AH SHIT THAT”S AN ANTI TANK RIFLE

wiz: seriously

boomstick: what, hellsing abridged is a master piece and ill quote it as much as possible

wiz: anyways, this weapon is the ptrd-41, a weapon that as you saw can destroy warships in one shot,judging by the size of the war ship, compared to tanya here next to a similar war ship, the power to destroy it in one go would be 17 megatons of tnt

boomstick: finally for basic weapons tanya has the mp 40, a sub machine gun that’s useful in tight spots

wiz: of course these are the traditional weapons, the mg 08 maxim, a machine gun with 250 bullets that can shoot through solid steal, also theres the wechselapparat is the standard flamethrower that can burn through metal

boomstick: of course she carries grenades to use if all seems hopeless, like the standard stielhandgranate this puppy doesn’t have the biggest impact but it still is more than enough to destroy a tank and the model 39 grenade can create a giant hole in the side of another warship and tanya took being in the middle of it

wiz: but now that were through weapons, we have to talk about her main abilities

boomstick: she has increased strength and speed, able to bend steel and and fly 250 knots in a second, thats 1,033,200 miles per hour btw, thats 1357 times faster than sound

wiz: she has telekenesis, create explosions from her palm, plus control where a explosion can go, plus minorly distort space around her to cause what apppears to be a short ranged teleportation

boomstick: she can fly, make her bullets home on targets, create magical swords, create illusions, and create force fields

wiz: manipulate the pain others feel, to a extent nullify power, but her most powerful ability isn’t even her magic, it’s her intelligence and tallent to make strategies

boomstick: she can coridinate multiple battles at a time, plus due to her size, she’s hard to hit and her speed makes it even harder

wiz: but she’s not without her flaws. she’s powerful but like all mages and what have you, her magic is limited and isn’t infinite in supply, she also has trouble against smarter and stronger foes

boomstick: plus she’s supper insane, she can go over board with her treatment of others, and to the point she well went completely bat shit crazy, unable to think straight at times and has turned, evil

wiz: she fell from grace a second time, but being x had faith in tanya to get back and while testing a experimental explosive, he got his chance

boomstick: to get it to work she was forced to pray to being x

wiz: but due to the nature of the weapon, tanya refuses to use it again

boomstick: just goes to show, the former salary man truly earned the name, tanya the evil

tanya:”they say a thin line seperates genius and madness”

hakuto kunai dominates deathbattle

que demon lord retry theme

wiz: god like beings rise and fall constantly, some powerful, some intelligent

boomstick: so it’s no surprise that in videogames, god level beings rise all the time, but for one gamer, he would take up the role of his avatar

wiz: this was akira oono, a man of aspiration and hope, he cares for many, but his character on a game he made was the oppositre, cold, cunning, and ruthless

boomstick: until the day he shut down all the servers, time froze and the world around him started to glow, he passed out and when he woke up, he was his avatar

wiz: it wasn’t long until he took up his characters name, hakuto kunai

boomstick: man i wish i had kunai in my name, that’s just badass

wiz: anyways, upon arrival to a new, fantasy world hakuto found a young girl being chased by a demon, where he promptly slaughtered it and was dubbed, a demon lord

boomstick: which is the whole reason he was summoned in the first place, you see this cult tried to summon a demon lord through some genie like being, but instead kunai was summoned and upon meeting this being it gave him a ring that greatly inhances all his abilities

wiz: and if you haven’t figured it out by now, he has alot of them, he’s inmensily strong able to lift and throw mountains, plus due to the nature of his character he’s a master martial artist

boomstick: he’s immune to physical damage to the point he can walk through even attacks that aborb others, he can move his fist so fast trained eyes can’t track it, heck this one guy who tracked light had trouble seeing his punch

wiz: if he slashes the air just give up because your eyes will get slashed and if that doesn’t blind you, well you’ll have to deal with a sand like substance that emits from his left hand, it fills the air and blind anyone who hasn’t lost there sight

boomstick:plus he carries a shit ton of knives and using one knife, while swinging his arms faster than light he generates a powerful force building up until he throws it into the chest of an enemy, detonating them

wiz: he can cause direct damage one third the power of his stats to his opponent, same with defence all by waving his hand, cause a giant goldenn hammer to appear over head and when it hits the ground creates a shockwave that once shook a continent

boomstick: and that’s on the weaker side of his moveset, he can lower the defense of an enemy ten percent with a snap, intimidate people so much it takes away another ten percent, increase his power 30 percent, alot of stats involved in this guy

wiz: it makes sense since out of all isekai characters anywhere, kunai is the most straight forward, compared to the others, kunai has mostly physcal and stat based abilities

boomstick: not to say he has no abilities outside of that, he does have quite a few, but his other abilities are in a greater scale and amount, for example by activating his skill judgment, if someone is a higher level than him then they take 8 damage for each level, on top of an inital 30 damage

wiz: plus he can increase it’s power by two plus add another 40 to the inital damage, plus he can increase the chances of a critical hit by 30 percent

boomstick: he can also break through skills that are supposed to stop combo attacks

wiz: he up his power amd defense 10 percent, heal himself through meditation, no matter how much damage he’s sustained, even if he’s lost a limb or is near death

boomstick: or he can heal himself instantly through the magic of, say it with me, anime bullshit. plus he can summon a shadow like being that acts as a grim reaper, it has sickle which is a mini scythe and kunai has a full comtrol over it and everything, plus he can increase all attacks by 40, last one i swear

wiz: he can activate a ability that increases the power of all he sees that he considers a friend, plus himself

boomstick: this is getting repetive so ima just say how much is left that he can add, he has two seperate beserker like modes which combined add 100 attack, defence, and speed, and plus 1000 to his health

wiz: but now, we should adress, something that we probably should have adressed first

boomstick: the admistartive comands, he can create items from thin air, like swords, guns, or more knives, as if his several hundred knives weren’t enough, he also can use it tp teleport to places hes been before, store items, and scan the make up and stats of items

wiz: one time this power whiped a entire mountain from existence, this power has been said to pale in comparision of kunais full potential, but if kunai truly gets serious, he unleashes the dragon within

boomstick: using adminstrative comands he can change to the one character more powerful than kunai, this is, zero kirisame, as zero his power explodes, once stated to be 20 billion of times more powerful than this demon lord who could whipe out galaxies

wiz: even kunai was able to over power the demon lord without much effort, he even said his power was so much higher that he put in no effort

boomstick: and of course with an all new form comes all new super over powered abilities, like how by preforming a three hit combo he punches the ground creating a fucking spirit dragon

wiz: he can throw a punch as fast as lightning, send out dozens of kicks in a large area ending with a kick that shattered a mountain, plus when fighting someone, depending on how many theyve killed he gains 5 to his stats, adding on the more his opponent has killed, plus he can up this by another 10 for each kill

boomstick: zero is a martial arts master, and has even said he’s never truly gone all out, but that leads into the downside of zero, akira has no control over him, he has a mind of his own he’s brave, noble and willing to do anything to protect others

wiz: but still, kunai doesn’t just have overpowered abilities, his power truly shines with the amount of gear he carries, like how his knifes can cause a burn like effect on enemies

boomstick: thats cool and all but he really needs to get past his smoking problem

wiz: thats mild heaven ciggarette, a item kunai has on his person at all time, it heals kunai on the fly when he can’t use his other methods of healing

boomstick: plus he had a satanic ring that increased his power but it got destroyed but because its apart of his gear were giving it to him anyway

wiz: this ring has the capabilities to grant wishes to its users, but only one wish per user, but it also increases the users power ten fold and gives him a higher resistance to magic

boomstick: but even a badass like kunai aren’t without there faults, kunai is skilled and all but he has lost fights, like how he lost to this bitch mary

wiz: also kunai can be to nice sometimes choosing to risk it all to save everyone but himself over saving only those he can and escaping with his life

boomstick: still even with his flaws kunai continues to prove he’s no push over

wiz: if you mess with this demon lord, you will regret it

kunai:”dont let other people determine your worth for you”

hajime nagumo is the strongest on deathbattle

que arifureta theme

wiz: imagine a world where magic existed, where monsters exist, where magical places known as labrinths hold the key to ultimate power

boomstick: well turns out there is a place like this, and the god of this planet was a complete bastard

wiz: creating the labrinths with the intention to have the monsters inside gaurd ten rings that hold the key to his power, plus can surpass it

boomstick: humans kept going for these rings and the god laughed as they fell, but he felt bad for the humans so he summoned 21 people from another world

wiz: this was, a class of high school students, which he gave incredible magical abilities, except for one

boomstick: this was hajime nagumo, he had nothing interesting in his past life but in this new one he stuck out like a sore thumb, having now magic he had to quickly learn to use a blade, and he became pretty good at it

wiz: but sword fighting wasn’t all he needed to win a fight, and to be quiet frank it wouldn’t be useful for later parts of the labrinth

boomstick: one of his classmates saw this and ended up redirecting someones attack to hit hajime and send him flying off a cliff sending him to his death

wiz: or at least, thats what he had hoped would happen, turns out hajime is alot tougher than his class mate had thought, surviving the fall he had found he did lose an eye

boomstick: plus this bear monster cut off his arm only seconds later so he retreated to a nearby cave and found his ultimate healing source, holy water

wiz: a rare elimental healing source and turns out it also grants the abilty to absorb the powers of whatever hajime eats, plus granted him alchemy

boomstick: using this he set up a trap for a wolf monster with electric abilities, and after eating its meat he made himself a revolver and bullets, because fuck overpowered abilities lets use guns instead, you know i like this guys style

wiz: after rampaging through the labrinth he got to the end while also saving a vampire girl he named yue earlier on, he got the first ring, the ring, of creation

boomstick: its self explanatory with it hajime can creat things from thin air, like a second revolver, or his kick ass metal arm which seems to be indestructable

wiz: though the first ring was the start, he made it his goal to leave this world and return home, and to do that he needed all ten rings, and he had all he needed to retrieve them

boomstick: he has all the abilities of the monsters he’s eaten, like how he can double jump as many times as he want, shock enemies and create a electric barrier around his body

wiz: he can turn invisible, create a barrier made of the air, reinforce his legs for a tougher kick, send out blades of pressurized wind, even send out up to three at the same exact moment combining them to one that cuts six angles at a time, plus use them as swords up close and personal

boomstick: he can see in the dark, see farther than he reasonably should, see invisible things, and even sense the presance of others, this guy is just another character that utilizes anime bullshit

wiz: these aren’t even a 1 16th of his offensive choices, while he doesn’t have the most choices of everyone we will or have talked about today, he definetly is close to it

boomstick: he can hide his presence so well being who can sense a soul approaching them couldn’t sense him, create after images that stay until hit, resist any status effect, perfectly predict an enemies moves, and harden his skin to a point its near indestructable

wiz: he can increase his striking power by hardening his arms, cast fear onto others with a glance, telepathically comunicate with others

boomstick: perfectly track others, move in stopped time and access his limit breaks, super modes where he increases his power, theres three of these so lets talk about them

wiz: his first limit break, lets him increase his stats by three times, when normal hajime could beat the snot out of demons which are stated able to detonate galaxies with a simple snap, and hajime took one down without using any ability just his revolvers which hajime is much, much more powerful than

boomstick: so he’s three times greater than his base, but the form only lasts 5 to 10 minutes but with how fuck all powerful it is people won’t be lasting more than 1 his next one, overload, it increases all abilities and stats by 5, this one last much longer but risks the user falling fatigue and needing rest, hey not everyone is perfect

wiz: his last one is called transendance, this is his strongest limit break and his usaul go to for super forms, which it doesn’t grant some magor power boost. consider it like ultra instinct, instead of a power boost it makes the user a master of all they specialize in, and hajime specializes in hand to hand, sword fighting, and his favortie martial art that he uses above all else, gun kata

boomstick: think of it like karate or judo but with guns, speaking of which, remember how we mentioned that hajime has much more offensive options, well he’s one of few isekai, or anime characters in general smart enough to stock pile guns and thanks to creation magic he can basically summon them from thin air, and like all proud gun owners, he gives these weapons names

wiz: his revolvers, donner and schlag, are his obvious go to in weaponry, carrying them on him at all times they are more powerful than even the strongest anti tank rifle and are powerful enough to destroy holy armor, which can take hits from demons and be left unscathed, but keep in mind, these are only his weakest guns

boomstick: the schlagen is a anti tank rifle ten times more powerful than his revolvers, it can only fire one shot at a time but when it takes out pretty much everything in one go, who needs more than one bullet

wiz: he even upgraded it into the schlagen A-A, a more powerful varient that shoots a beam like projectile instead of a bullet, while it still can only fire one shot at a time, theres no reload required so hajime can spam it if he chooses to

boomstick: metzelei is a mini gun that fires 12,000 rounds a second, and its more powerful than hajimes normal revolvers, so its like getting hit with thousands of anti tank rifles at once

wiz: he even upgraded it to hold more, and now it can be fire 72 thousand rounds a minute

boomstick: the orkan is a rocket launcher that can hold 12 rockets at a time and each one can abliterate hords of demons

wiz: the angi orkan can fire 300 weaker but more effective missles that home enemies

boomstick: the pile bunker shoot a metal beam able to blast through the toughest of things and he made a upgrade to it that makes it automatic firing

wiz: the alvus is a shot gun that fires poisoness needle shots, the cross bits are turents that float around and can form a shield so tough even reality warping attacks don’t affect it, the cross velts are like cross bits but faster and more powerful but they can’t form a shield

boomstick: he has a magic powered flame thrower that shoots flames as hot as 3000 celvin, his chakrams are like a cross between shuriken and chakram which are disc like blades, or just bey blades, it can mve at high speeds and actually summon a small portal in the middle hajime can use to redirect bullets or throw a really good punch through

wiz: he even made a varient that increases in size, this lets hajime create larger scale portals, though its not like he needs them, more on that later, he also has a bola that causes targets to float when hit by it, and his by far, strongest gun, the hyperion

boomstick: which sounds like some water type shit but its actually way cooler and way, way killier, its a laser beam that incinerates anything it touches, doesn’t matter what it is, it will be destroyed if it makes contact with this guns beam

wiz: he even made a better version of it, theres also the mirror bits, which can reflect sunlight and turn that into a beam, the rose helios is a bomb that can destroy continents if charged with enough sunlight, and the solar bombs are upgraded from that

boomstick: he has a satelite that shoots light that brings back the dead, a lance that shoots bullets, a meteor he keeps up in orbit, and a shield that can deflect light based attacks, plus a better version of this that keeps a force field around him

wiz: he doesn’t just have guns, his golems are like robots, each one serving a seprate funchion, the ornis are bird like golems that are mostly meant for intel, arachnae is a spider golem that is used for spying, and summon a entire army of them called the grim reaper, and summon the super miledy, a golem trumps the rest in strength and durability

boomstick: and thats not all, call now and he’ll get the rest of his overpowered as all shit equipment

wiz: with everything it’s no wonder hajime can easily take over labrinths in less than a day, and it wasn’t long until the other 9 rings were all his

boomstick: he can now control gravity in anyway he wants to, create a gravity field, decrease the gravity of others, cause thing to float even invert gravity to cause him to walk on walls and shit, plus think of it kinda like telepathy because he can move and throw stuff with his mind

wiz: with spacial magic he controls space itself, he can erase the space between him and another person,create invisible barriers, control the very earth around him, teleport, or just whipe his opponents from existence

boomstick: with restoration magic he can restore things to there previous state, even himself, he can use this to heal himself or teammates, repair his guns if there broken or send opponents back to a weaker state

wiz: with spirit magic he can control the souls of others, pullling them out of there bodies, turning people into puppets, or just destroying there soul with a snap

boomstick: evolution magic is the definition of true anime bullshit, imagine you could send something to its greatest potential with a snap, well hajime can do that, its overpowered, and entirely broken

wiz: he can even use it on other magic rings and actually made them so powerful it surpassed the very god they were made from the power of, but were finally getting into what maybe two of hajimes most useful rings

boomstick: with metomorphasis magic he can change a persons looks, even morph them to hideos monstrosities, he once even change a guy who had indestructable skin back to a normal human

wiz: and composite magic lets hajime define the very rules of his world, it lets him do what he wants in any way he wants, even use it to surpass the very god that sunmmoned him there, which he actually fought and beat

boomstick: this god is no slouch either, its one of four gods that made the multiverse, or a infinite plain that existence sits on

wiz: this god even traveled between two worlds that were 4 billion miles apart in a second, thats 77 billion times past light speed, and hajime kept up casually

boomstick: hajime also took hits from this god and didn’t even flinch, and even resisted this gods attempt at whiping him from existence, jesus is hajime just that overpowered, can anything beat him

wiz: well a smart enough opponent could shoot out his other eye forcing hajime to have to use his demon eye

boomstick: oh yeah, hajime is half demon and his demon eye is well, anime bullshit, while it doesn’t increase his power, it increases his foresight to where he could predict unpredictable movement, detect others around him even if usually they are undetectable

wiz: but what he claims to be his most powerful item isn’t his rings, guns, or demon eye, its his chain, deny all existence

boomstick: this chain is embued with rot magic and makes someone who touches it feel pain even if they normally wouldn’t, it also can rot items and other things with a touch, to the point things are destroyed at the molecular level

wiz: hajime can swing this so fast that with in a second theres nothing left of a person, its a quick, and painful death, and something no one wants to expierence

boomstick: hajime is badass but even he has his faults, he’s a genius and great planner but if a opponent catches him off gaurd he’s going to at least take alot of damage

wiz: but after everything hajime-

boomstick: made his own harem, yes im ganna point this out because god damn me if i said i wasn’t jeleous

wiz: and after that, beating the god of the world, and making a key that can send him back to his world, he left, he returned home with his, ahem, harem, hajime was a different man, he truly became, the worlds strongest

hajime: “even the nice people have their limits, don’t try to reach that point because the nicest people, are also the scariest people when they’ve had enough”

kazuma takes a gamble on deathbattle

que konosuba theme

wiz: what would you do, if the one you love broke your heart, would you mourn over it, would you say screw it and move on

boomstick: for some, they just can’t handle it and cut themselves out from society, this was exactly the case, for kazuma satou

wiz: at a young age kazuma had a crush on his close friend and she promised to marry kazuma when they got older

boomstick: until the third year of middle school where she ditched him for a thug like upper classmen, man woman suck sometimes, seriously why abandon nice guys for guys that will definitely treat you like shit

wiz: with that aside, kazuma stopped attending school and took up online mmorpg games, he became obsessed with killing monsters on those games and started to think it was the only thing that truly brought him joy

boomstick: until one day he went out for once, he saw a woman and thought she was about to be hit by a truck so he tried saving her, but turns out the drama was for nothing cause it was a tractor and being convinced he was run over, kazuma died of shock… man this guy is underwhelming

wiz: after dieing he met the goddess aqua who was told to send him to another world and to let him bring, one thing of his choosing

boomstick: and after being an absolute snog kazuma decided “I ain’t taking this shit” and decided to take her with him

wiz: now stuck in a fantasy world kazuma gained access to, magic, and being an isekai character he’s got quiet a bit of it

boomstick: he carries a bunch of tools because his magic requires them, like bind, a attack that uses a rope carried on the user that binds around a opponent, its pretty weak but still useful as a quick distraction

wiz: he can disarm any traps in an area with a snap, plus detect traps, and can summon any who he considers an enemy

boomstick: with the skill lurk kazuma becomes basically undectable, and even turn invisible, he can escape a situation if at any point its possible, basically a weak teleportation, plus he can be a little shit and teleport items from enemies to his hand

wiz: he’s very proficient with a blade, being one of the best swordsmen in the kingdom, and of course he has picked up the skills of a wizard

boomstick: he can summon a small fire that consumes his hands or he can just put the fire on his finger tips for a scratch attack

wiz: he can summon stones to his hand and launch them at high speeds, summon and control water. and increase the air pressure of his breathing to launch others back

boomstick: he can freeze people solid with a touch, shoot fire balls. and even generate lightning from his body… that also hurts him

wiz: he can create a large surge of blinding light, unlock any lock with a snap, and use his friend megumins signature move, explosion

boomstick: this attack is the weakest of explosion magic but learning it at all is a testimate to kazuma’s skills, and its power is definetly worth the amount of mana required, sometimes able to cause a user unable to move for 24 hours

wiz: it once destroyed a entire valley in one go, judging by the size of the valley compard to kazuma, the explosive yield to do this would be worth 3 thousand megatons of tnt

boomstick: but his best ability is his teleportation, and how many uses there are for it, he can teleport items and people to or away from him, teleport himself anywhere he wants, in a certain radius. and for further travel he has three markers that let him teleport to those locations out of reach

wiz: or he can use whats probably his strongest technique, teleporting others to the afterlife, when he does this they go to a spirit like state and are technically dead

boomstick: but thats not all the abilities he has, he’s amazing with a bow even able to shoot someone from miles away with one, drain the mana of others and add it to his, but it takes awhile and against foes with alot of mana it doesn’t do much

wiz: he can increase his vison, unconsiouly dodge attacks in a certain range of speed, create and boost traps, create golems

boomstick: heal himself, kill about anyone with a stab to the back like the spy, read lips perfectly, hear secret conversations from a distance. is a exceptional cook, and is a expert blacksmith

wiz: hes achieved everything he’s ever done because of two factors, his luck, and his intelligence

boomstick: he’s basically the ultimate gambler, he rarely loses, actually only time he’s ever lost a gamble was against the very goddess of luck and even then she got a run for her money

wiz: he’s even caused a casino to gi bankrupt once, his luck also comes in handy when in battle since it increases his chances of getting hits or attacks hitting him

boomstick: plus he’s a tatical genius, it saves him alot since he understands luck alone won’t win every fight, and to be fair, he’s not wrong

wiz: but even with all of this in mind, kazuma has more flaws than one would think

boomstick: he’s smart, but he’s cocky, arrogant, and naive, he’s constantly thinking he’s won whenever a opponent is done and has trouble paying attention at times

wiz: but all of this can be drawn back to one problem, one reason why, kazuma is infact, still a kid

boomstick: technically a 16 year old but the way he acts actually makes sense with that in mind

wiz: but even with his faults kazuma has done more than most could ever dream of, so its no surprise he’s well known as a character that while stupid at times, is a well made character, to some at least

kazuma: i yearn for true gender equality, I have no patience for one who talks about female privilege when it suits them, and then complains about someone “not being a man” when it’s convenient”

pre fight

wiz: ok the combatants are set, its time to end this debate once and for all

boomstick: IT’S TIME FOR A DEATHBATTLE!!!!!!!!


art style-hand drawn or sprite mixed with hand drawn bits

(warning the intro alone is long but i hope to make it the shortest part of this)

part 1- intro

ainz ooal gown

ainz wonders a strange temple, a gaurd jumps out and tries swinging a sword but he simply snaps and the gaurd falls dead, ainz walks to find large doors before walking through them to find a portal, glowing a bright red

ainz: a portal, is the relic i was told about on the other side

he approaches it and sticks his hand through

ainz: doesn’t seem to be all that dangerous, prehaps this will be, more interesting than i first thought

ainz walks through and it closes behind him

naofumi iwatani

naofumi walks through a cave, he came in here looking for a artifact rumored able to be used by the gaurdians

naofumi: where is it

he trips and falls down a hole, he lands infront of large doors

naofumi: I’ll take it that’s the place

he gets up and walks through the door seeing a red portal on the far side

naofumi: there, this must lead to it

he walks to it and through it

hajime nagumo

hajime lands on the ground and shoots two monsters that attempt to attack him, he finds two large golems infront of a large door but they don’t attack, they step to the side as he approachs the door and puts his finger on a com like device

hajime: yue, I’ll be investigating this device on my own. if it truly sends me back to my world I’ll let you know

yue: then me and the others follow, correct

hajime: correct

he pushes the doors open and once he walks through they slam shut behind him as he comes face to face with a red portal

hajime: i suppose this would be the device

hajime walks through

satou kazuma

kazuma wanders a old castle until finding a stair case

kazuma: wonder where this leads

kazuma takes a step before tripping over a vine and beginning to fall, hitting every single step before landing at the bottom of the stairs

kazuma: owe, why the hell is there so many steps

kazuma stands up and looks a strange glowing red

kazuma: nope

kazuma looks back twards the strairs before stepping on a strange poping out step, the floor beneath him turns to a slope, it keeps getting steeper until it might as well be a fall, kazuma tries holding onto thestairs but quickly falls as he screams falling into the portal

kazuma: why always me

rimuru tempest

rimuru walks through the cave veldora was sealed in, he walks through a coordoor before noticing a glow in the shape of a door

rimuru: odd, never seen this before, hey veldora

veldora: yes rimuru

rimuru: did you know of the secret door over here

veldora: yes, if I’m correct that one contains a interdimensional portal

rimuru: ok

he walks through the door and looks at the portal

rimuru: lets do this

veldora: do what?

rimuru jumps through the portal as veldora puts his hand over his face


diablo walks through a cave, he takes out three monsters that try attacking but get killed rather quickly

diablo: heh, this quest is one of the easiest I’ve ever seen

diablo comes to a small hole and crawls through it, finding a large door that he puts his hand on

diablo: well now, lets see what treasures you hold

he kicks the door open and looks around, its an empty room, only thing in it, is a glowing red portal

diablo: ok, maybe you have the treasure inside

diablo walks through the portal

tanya von degurechaff

tanya walks through the halls of a enemy war ship, carrying a pistol as two men turn the corner and point a gun at her

man 1: that must be the intruder

man 2: I just signaled for back up, for now let’s-

before he can finish tanya shoots both in the head before forming a devilish smirk

tanya: why don’t ypu two shut up, maybe you wouldn’t have been killed

she walks to a door and shoots through it before opening it

man 3: p-please, don’t kill us

she ignores the request as she shoots each person in the room before looking at a control panel

tanya: well now, this must be the thing i came for am i correct

she looks at the man who was shot in the arm

man 3: i-i warn you, messing with interdimensional travel

tanya: you guys did it, I’m sure it can’t be that hard

she starts it up before walking through a red portal that opens


shiroe walks through forest, he looks down a cave as akatsuki lands next to him

akatsuki: master

shiroe: akatsuki, i believe i asked not to be followed

akatsuki: i appologise, i just wished to talk

they walk into the cave as there voices grow quite, the camera moves into the cave and shows them walking through several cordors before finding a large set of doors

shiroe: your dismissed akatsuki

akatsuki: what, but master

shiroe: fine, wait out here, if something happens, I’ll call for you, understood

akatsuki: but… yes, understood master

shiroe walks in to see a red portal, he walks through it

subaru natsuki

subaru travels along a road, he searches the side in search of a cave he was tasked to find

subaru: where is it, it shouldn’t be far from here

he searches a little before tripping and rolling down into the cave hitting his head several times before hitting the bottom and breaking his neck, he disappears and respawns back on the road staring at the now visible cave

subaru: well, it was painful but i found the cave

he jumps in and slides down before noticing a red portal

subaru: that must be where the artifact is

he walks through

seiya ryuuguuin

seiya walks through a cave, punching through walls until coming across a empty room with a portal at the end of it

rista: hey seiya, is that it

seiya: no, the artifact rumored to be down here, must be through there

rista: so, we going to go get it

seiya: I’ll go

rista: i better not have to resummon you again

seiya: don’t worry, even if… he, goes for it, I’m prepared this time

rista: if that man is there, you better run

seiya looks away and says nothing before walking through the portal

hakuto kunai

kunai walks through a small village, in search of a well rumored to have a strange artifact in the bottom

kunai: ahem, excuse me, sir

man 4: yeah?

kunai: do you know where the “wishing” well is?

man 4: oh ummm, yeah, turn the corner at that street then it should be straight ahead

kunai: thank you sir

he walks to the well and looks down to see a strange red portal he jumps down and falls through it


kirito walks through a city, he’s looking to find a location for his new gaming company

kirito: there’s got to be a good place, somewhere around here

his phone truns on as yue’s voice is heard

yue: daddy. is everything ok

kirito: yeah, you got any locations for the company

yue: mommy sent a message saying she found a place, ill guide you there now

kirito: ok thank you yue

he gets to the building and walks in, he starts looking for asuna then assumes she left

kirito: odd, i thought she wanted us to meet her here

yue: well, lets keep looking, I’m sure she’s here somewhere

they walk into a empty room and look around for a moment before turning around ready to leave but a red glow starts behind him, he turns and lets yue see, a red portal is behind them, they walk through to finally reveal a waiting room like area but with no doors or posters, he find only he is in there and his clothing has changed to that of his sao look

kirito: what the

he looks as someone walks through the portal behind him, he turns to see a man in glasses and a cloak

shiroe: hmm, kirito?

kirito: shiroe? i thought you disappeared a few years ago, wow you have not changed

shiroe: oh, yeah. i got trapped in log horizon

kirito: so much has happened since you disappeared

as they talk hajime turns visible behind them and speaks up

hajime: sorry to break up this reuinion but i believe we should learn who each other are

kirito: oh umm yeah, I’m

right before he could finish what he was saying ainz walks through a portal and looms over kirito and shiroe

ainz: hmmm

he looks at hajime, then back at the two infront of him

ainz: i suppose this is not the location of the relic i came looking for

shiroe: so your in search of the item as well

hajime: the one that can transport people between worlds

ainz: correct

shiroe: were you in search of the relic kirito

kirito: no, i was looking for a location for my gaming company that I’m starting

as they speak a man flies through the portal and nearly crashes into hajime who side steps and kazuma crashes into the wall. kazuma stands up and rubs his neck

kazuma: damn it, my everything hurts

shiroe: here

shiroe heals kazuma who springs up and looks around

shiroe: so, you three, who are you

hajime steps up and is about to say something before seiya walks through the portal and locks eyes with hajime

seiya: you

hajime: so your alive, thoyught you were killed after our last encounter

seiya: i wasn’t prepared for you before, now I’m completely prepared for your tricks

they get into fighting stance before ainz steps in

ainz: calm down, both of you, we don’t know where we are or why the artifact we came for isn’t here, for now we should introduce ourselves

naofumi walks out from behind the portal and looks at the group

naofumi: he’s right, fighting eachother is pointless right now

diablo walks through the portal before looking at naofumi, then the others

diablo: well now, artifact isn’t here so ima head back

he turns to leave before kunai flies through the portal hitting diablo in the gut and launching him back everyone making room for him to hit as shiroe sighs and starts healing him

kunai: hmmm, odd. so wheres the artifact

naofumi: it’s not here

kunai: great, i was hoping this would be quick but aparently not

naofumi: so, how many more will be here

hajime: my foresight says, two more

as he says that rimuru walks through and looks around before getting bumped into by subaru who falls through and nearly hits the floor but rimuru catchs the back of his track suit before putting him on his feet

rimuru: who are all of you?

before anyone can answer the portal begins to close but beforeits fully closed tanya flies through

hajime: odd, there should of been 11

seiya: what makes you say that?

hajime: the fact there’s 11 seats in the room

they look at eachother before everyone takes a seat except hajime who looks around

hajime: so, lets begin with introductions, ahem, when i point at you introduce yourself, but before that, I’m hajime nagumo, I’m 24 and got sent to another world when i was in highschool, since then I’ve become who you see, now, you

he points at seiya who nods before standing up

seiya: I’m seiya ryuuguuin, I’m overly cautious and work for the gods to whipe out demon kings

hajime nods before pointing at kunai who stands up as seiya sits down

kunai: I’m hakuto kunai, i used to make games and when i went to shut off a server i got trapped in my avatar

hajime nods before pointing at shiroe, this goes on until everyone has introduced themselves

tanya: so, whats the plan

kirito; don’t know, but lets figure it out later, for now one of us should bust through these walls

rimuru: i tried earlier, it seems to have a barrier around it

kirito: hmmm, yui, you there

yui appears infront of him as everyone looks

kirito: everyone, this is my daughter yui, yui say hi

yui: its a pleasure to meet you all, as for the walls, theres definetly a barrier, but it also appears that were in a simulation, right now all your real bodies are else where

hajime: what

???: right on yui, young las like you is very intelligent, but what else did i expect from a top notch ai

subaru: where are you, who are you

kazuma draws his blade as subaru pulls out his whip

kazuma: show yourself

???: calm yourselves, all of you, this is… a test, you may call me ring master and your in the new state of the art, d.b.s.

shiroe: d.b.s.?

ring master: death battle simulator, its made to keep combatants on deathbattle from truly killing eachother, oh right, don’t worry you all and your loved ones will be sent back to earth after wards but the winner recieves the rare artifact that grants travel between worlds

rimuru: so we have to fight for it

ring master: bingo, hit it right on the nose, now, lets make this room a bit bigger for your fight

it starts to expand until the arena is holding several planets, even a few stars

ring master: there, that should be big enough

ainz looks at hajime then kirito and shiroe, the three walk over to him as a shadow casts around them

ainz: ahem, if its ok, i wish to work with you three at the begining, we don’t know much of everyone elses power sets so it’s for the best that we work together

kirito: strategically and logically it makes sense

shiroe: plus I’m a support class so to last awhile i need to team up and you three are some of the most powerful here, that rimuru guy is a threat though, i can tell just by looking at him

hajime: we’ll deal with him when we need to, for now, lets focus on winning

meanwhile rimuru talks to diablo who seems to be following

diablo: come on, I’m sure we can make a great team

rimuru keeps walking before looking back

rimuru: how do i know you’ll be completely reliable

diablo: because, I’m diablo, a demon lord with immense power

rimuru: well melime and i work well together and you don’t seem far off from her, if she was calmer that is

diablo: so is that a yes

rimuru turns and nods his head before ranga emerges from his shadow

ranga: so, rimuru do you have a plan

rimuru: yes, let them kill each other and take the win when there’s only one or two left

diablo: and me?

rimuru: don’t worry, I’ll have you as back up, once its just me and you we’ll fight one on one

diablo chuckles while kunai watches from a distance, he jumps back and lands next to tanya who holds a sniper to her face aiming at diablos head

tanya: should i take the shot

kunai: no, not right now at least, for now follow me

tanya: who made you the boss

kunai: I’m more powerful than you

tanya: fine, I’m only using you for up close combat, you know that right

kunai: of course i do, but if you die, theres nothing i can do, you understand correct

tanya nods as kunai and her walk into the darkness of the forest

seiya and naofumi climb a mountain miles away from the starting area, the two get to the sumit before sitting down and observing the area where kazuma and subaru stare each other down

seiya: so you wanted to know more about hajime

naofumi: you said you fought him before, what powers and abilities does he have

seiya: yeah, while some parts are fuzzy, i do remember he used guns, lots of them, he also could manipulate the space around him and control gravity, but that’s about it

naofumi: that’s fine, i have enough info to begin preperation, help me collect rocks and other mineral into my shield

seiya nods as the camera pans to the stand off of kazuma and subaru, they both sigh before rushing eachother

part two- fight start

subaru cracks his whip at kazuma who blocks using his sword, it happens a few more times before kazumalifts his hand up and sends a flash of light blinding subaru for a moment before subaru forms a shield of shadows around him kazuma hits it but it does nothing, a fist forms and hits kazuma in the gut launching him away before he gets caught by hajime who lifts him up and throws him to the side

ainz: shadow manipulation, interesting

kirito moves quickly before pulling both his swords and starting to hit the shadow barrier multiple times before looking up

kirito: star burst stream

kirito starts hitting the barrier hundreds of times before breaking through and cutting subaru to bits, but time rewinds a few seconds and this time subaru jumps back kirito looks at subaru shocked

hajime: time manipulation… no, its not that complicated

hajime lifts his hand up and teleports behind subaru before kicking him launching him into a tree, before pulling his revolvers and firing detonating more of subaru after each shot, but time stops and rewinds to before hajime kicked subaru, subaru teleports away and looks at them from afar

subaru: nope, not dealing with this

subaru gets away while hajime and his group look to find kazuma had left, they look around for a second before they all walk away, meanwhile kazuma emerges from a river gasping for air before looking up to see a mountain, seiya and naofumi on top looking down on him

seiya: looks like kazuma has found us, shall we dispatch of him

naofumi: not now, he could be useful, he said he had luck on his side, maybe having him around could keep us alive till the end

kazuma stares for a second before dodging a gun shot as kunai holds a pistol in the air. naofumi and seiya jump down and tanya fires a machine gun and naofumi creates a air shield blocking the shots, kunai jumps up and punches the shield and it shatters launching naofumi back, seiya draws his sword and goes to attack but kunai pulls a knife and blocks before punching seiya in the gut and launching him back, seiya catches himself as he flies back before shooting hellfire at kunai who dodges and jumps up before kicking seiya in the face and launching him back, seiya starts flying at high speeds before grabbing naofumi and kazuma and flying off

seiya: damn it, etrernal pheonix

the pheonix forms and goes for kunai who simply throws a knife at it and it quickly is dispearsed

kunai: try sniping them

tanya: understood

tanya pulls her two snipers and starts shooting naofumi blocks shots coming twards him as kazuma just barely dodges shots coming twards him, it doesn’t take long for the three to get out of sight on the planet above the one the others were on

kunai: great. well, can you fly?

tanya: actually i can, but for now, going after them would be pointless

as they look in the direction that seiya and the other two flew to subaru watches quitly before kunai notices him aims and fires a pistol at subaru hitting subaru and blowing his brains out but time rewinds and hajime notices and looks in the direction of the gun shot

hajime: it happened again

kirito: yeah, i felt it

yui: the gun shot came from that way

she points twards a mountain and they rush off in that direction seeing subaru and hajime pulls out the angi orkan and fires the shots going all across the mountain side, tanya sees this grabs diablo and starts flying off at high speeds as time starts to rewind it happens again but subaru forms a shadow shield around him this time, subaru shoots bullets of pur darkness from the shield and they start to fly twards shiroe but kirito jumps infront of him and starts swinging at high speeds blocking all the bullets before ainz lifts his hand up and shoots a fire ball at the shield and subaru is launched through

yui: there, daddy i completed the scan of subaru, his ability is a spell based one. breaking the spell should let you put him down for good

kirito: yui, think you can break the spell yourself

yui: yes but, it’s gonna take some time, but I’m already working on it so if he runs you can let him got

as she says this subaru looks up and forms shadow hands next to both his hands before launching them at ainz, they grab and wrap around him, they start twying to crush him but shiroe uses magic to increase his physical power and ainz quickly breaks out before looking at subaru who sighs before looking back at ainz

subaru: i can’t lose here, beatrice, come out and help me

a burst of energy happens as beatrice appears and rushes hajime before shooting lightning at him but hajime simply walks through it, beatrice tries increasing the gravity around hajime but it does nothing. she tries nullifying this power but shiroe increases hajimes strength so hajim can still stand, kirito walks up swords drawn and beatrice creates a gravity field but kirito just keeps moving before cutting beatrice in half, but beatrice quickly regenerates

yui: daddy, I’m half way through the process, give me another 5 minutes and it’ll be done

kirito: ok

as he says this beatrice tries stoping time but it does nothing to hajime and ainz whp walk up to her before she tries sending spikes from the earth at them but they stop as hajime snaps and they redirect into beatrice causing time to unfreeze, beatrice moves off them before teleporting to subaru and teleporting with him to a different world

subaru: damn it, there more powerful than i thought

beatrice: I’m sorry, but I won’t be of much use from here

subaru: can you scout around, just be sure to wonder nearby my location

as beatrice starts moving away subaru turns invisible and intangable before floating down and postioning himself to where his face is the only thing above the groundmeanwhile rimuru and diablo dodge hellfire as seiya and naofumi get ready to fight with kazuma hanging in the back looking for a opening. diablo watches as seiya draws his sword before summoning his scythe, the two stare eachother down before seiya rushes diablo who blocks using the scythe before throwing off seiya who swings his sword at high speeds at diablo who dodges before swinging his scyhe at seiya who dodges before shooting lightning at diablo but diablo dodges and kicks seiya in the gut launching seiya back, naofumi stares down rimuru who signals to diablo to step down

rimuru: we’ll fight them later, for now lets take off

rimuru grabs diablo and teleports with him to another location, meanwhile hajime blocks a attack as ainz looks at him

hajime: is now really a good time to train

ainz: yes, while we wait for kirito and shiroe to get back from setting those traps you gave them, yes of course

hajime: fair enough but still, we should be tracking subaru, with his immortality now gone and those two placing traps all over the woods, we should be searching for him

ainz grabs the lower half of his face while thinking before looking back at hajime

ainz: you make a valid point, but I’m afraid that if we were to do that we’d leave kirito and shiroe in the dust

hajime: then I’ll go alone, it keeps shiroe out of harms way while also dealing with an enemy

ainz looks hajime in the eyes before sighing

ainz; before anything prove to me you can defend yourself

hajime: how?

ainz: see that planet, create a large amount of damage to it and I’ll let you go

hajime snaps as the whole thing explodes from the inside out before reforming

hajime: happy

ainz: understood, go, just avoid combat with everyone but subaru, chances are they’ve seperated into teams just like us

hajime: ok, if i don’t return, remember, let kirito and shiroe know i believe in them, that one of you three will win, understood ainz

hajime teleports away as ranga watches from the trees, he jumps into the shadows before running out of the forest and finding rimuru

rimuru: find anything ranga

ranga: yes rimuru, i found ainz and hajime talking, aparently subaru is vulnerable

rimuru: thats good, if subaru can’t do anything then thats one competetor who’s doomed

ranga: also rimuru, they said kirito and shiroe are setting traps all across the forest to the south

rimuru: i see, we’ll avoid them for now, and later if we can, we’ll destroy the forest and them in one foul swoop

diablo: anyways, i think that that subaru guy is one of the weakest here, so i should be able to abliterate him if you let me go

rimuru: ok, go but if you run into trouble I’m setting a telepathic link right now

he does so and once done diablo nods and runs off before he jumps with all his might landing on another planet, as he does he lands next to the kunai and tanya who quickly hide before he can see them, meanwhile subaru emerges from the ground and looks around before noticing beatrice on the ground weakened and beat down, before hajime lands on the ground next to her

hajime: wasn’t easy to find you

subaru: so you decided to come after me

beatrice: I’m sorry, subaru, i tried to stop him

subaru: it’s fine, not like I’m gonna die

hajime: sorry to tell you subaru, but yui hacked your powers and turned off your Immortality

subaru: so, this is it, last place, heh, well, not the worst time to die, i knew i wasn’t winning, but i expected to at least out last that lucky bastard kazuma

hajime: I’m sorry, but, I’ll make you an offer

subaru: what

hajime: hit me with your strongest attack, if it kills me, then you live, if i survive, then you die

subaru: o-ok

subaru closes his eyes as darkness begins to comsume the area, compressing into one spot, where hajime stands, hajime closes his eyes and blinks as he pulls the schlagen and aims it

hajime: I’m sorry subaru, but, at least you won’t actually die, correct

subaru: heh, well, i gave it my best effort, but, you’ve won

hajime fires as it hits subaru in the chest subaru smiles as his body is abliterated leaving nothing but blood splatter

hajime: good luck in the real world

ko 1/11

hajime teleports away as it zooms out, to show a lab as subaru wakes up, he looks around to see the others, he stands up and looks down to see hajime

subaru: good luck

as he looks down doors open behind him, he turns to see ring master, wiz, boomstick, and deadpool walk in

deadpool: and then the nuke went off in my face and i was left nothing but dust, but, oh hey, one of them lost, hey there car brand, how you feeling

subaru: I’m, ok i guess

wiz: no odd side effects, good, i was worried i did it wrong

boomstick: i wish it had blown up in your face so i could laugh at your failure

ring master: anyways, so I’ll send out the notice as soon as possible

subaru: notice

deadpool: you see marshal, or ring master as you know him, is in control of this simulation, and he’s sending out a notice that you died plus who killed you, but now for the important stuff, your prize for sucking so much that you wounded up in last place, a brand new car

subaru: what

deadpool: well and your back on earth and your friends are in the city for monsters but more importantly a brand new car

he guides subaru outside to reveal a subaru impreza, as subaru looks at it deadpool dies laughing

subaru: where are my friends

deadpool: inside watching everything

subaru freezes up before looking deadpool dead in the eyes


deadpool: yup

subaru: damn it, now she might never have me be her gaurd again, maybe she’ll move onto hajime or one of the others

subaru remains in a fetail possion while deadpool starts laughing again, meanwhile back in the simulation, everyone gets ready for the night, kirito, ainz, and shiroe work on a multi room log cabine and it seems close to finished as hajime teleports to the field, he sees the cabin in the middle and walks over to it, he walks in to find yui playing and running around on a wooden floor as ainz and kirito talk with shiroe sitting against a wall, they look at hajime and walk over

kirito: what do you think

hajime: it will do

hajime walks over to the different areas creating items to put in them before going to the kitchen and creating a stove, fridge and other stuff and hooking them up to a generator that he charges up and places outside

hajime: ok, with that done, its best we get some sleep for tommorow

they head into there rooms as the camera pans to a different planet into a cave where it shows rimuru and diablo getting ready for the night

diablo: can’t believe that hajime stole my kill

rimuru: just calm down diablo, this simulation is messed up but i need that artifact and i didn’t even know about it when i found that portal

diablo: well, my traps are all set

rimuru: i just set up a barrier

diablo: so, what do you think youll do after you get out

rimuru: use the device to bring my kingdom to this world, i’d like to stay on earth where my people don’t have to worry about constant attack, just, focus in living there lives

diablo: i see, well i was thinking of returning home

rimuru: why? earth is a great place to stay at for us to take our friends to, better life where there out of trouble

diablo: yeah, but if there’s nothing to do, where is the fun in that

rimuru: you said you had friends, correct

diablo: yeah, three of them

rimuru: you want to keep them out of harms way, right?

diablo: bingo

rimuru: then stay on earth with them, join my kingdom, I’ve been thinking and well. you all can join the kingdom as well, fellow rulers, all of us appear fit for different, roles in the kingdom, shiroe can run the medical department, hajime helps run the military, and so on so forth

diablo: heh, how about this, if i lose, I’ll join

rimuru: deal, but for now lets get some sleep for now

diablo nods as he lays back and falls asleep, rimuru does the the same as the camera pans to seiya, naofumi, and kazuma who wander a desert

kazuma: why are we here again

naofumi kneels down and plundges his shield into the sand as it begins to absorb sand into it naofumi creates a cabin with all to stay in for the night

kazuma: oh

seiya: his creation ability relies on resources, as long as he has the mass needed for the item, he can make it, so he’s here to gather what he needs

they walk in and find beds inside and sit down

seiya: so, tonight, we will take turns standing gaurd, agreed

naofumi nods and looks at kazuma

naofumi: in the morning we’ll discuss a plan

seiya: I’ll take first watch, which of you will go second

kazuma: i might as well take second shift

seiya: ok then, well, you two get some sleep, I’ll wake you up when its your turn kazuma

kazuma nods as he and naofumi lay down to get some sleep, about an hour later saiya sits infront of the house before hearing something on the roof, he flies up to see kazuma sitting watching, looking into the desert

kazuma: oh, hey seiya

seiya: kazuma, what are you doing

kazuma: couldn’t sleep, so i climbed up here

seiya: ok, so how come you didn’t tell me

kazuma: eh, figured you would,n’t want to talk to me more than you needed to, I mean, you two ae only keeping me around for my luck

seiya: well, you aren’t wrong but we still will be associates outside of the simulation and a friend like you or naofumi could be useful

kazuma: don’t try acting like I’m useless, I’ve always been pathetic, only having luck to back me up

seiya: I’m sure there’s more to you, you just have to dig deep to find it

kazuma: but, what if there really isn’t anything good down there

seiya: then dig deeper, dig to the deepest depths if you must, everyone has a use, no matter what they think

kazuma: f-fine

seiya pats kazumas head

seiya: go and get some sleep, I’ll walke you up when its your turn to stand watch

kazuma nods before jumping down and heading inside. meanwhile kunai sits in a tree above a sleeping tanya

kunai: well, this isn’t how i imagined getting the relic, having to meet a bunch of new people and having to kill them, even making a new ally to work with

he lights a ciggarete before looking down at tanya

kunai: maybe in the morning i should ask you more about yourself, wo are you tanya

kunai lies back while he stares up to the sky

kunai: you seem to have far more to you than your letting on

kunai passes out as tanya sits up, looking at kunai before sighing

tanya: if you knew, you’d hate me, then again, why would i care, I’m not staying after this is done

being x: you humans fascinate me

tanya: yeah, how so

being x: your acting like you don’t need the help of him when deep down you know you already consider him a companion

tanya: shut up, how many times are you going to bother me

being x: until you belive in me

being x fades as tanya flies up at high speeds and slams right into another planet, she gets up and starts hitting it repeatedly out of frustration before turning to notice shiroe standing behind her before she takes a deep breathe and looks him into the eyes

tanya: how much did you see

shiroe: enough to know you aren’t saine, so tanya, you flew back into the starting forest, what do you think your doing here without, kunai

tanya: kunai is asleep inside a forest on a completely different planet, so i shouldn’t have to worry

shiroe: would you like to come in

tanya: what?

shiroe: follow me

she follows shiroe to the wooden cabin and follows him in to find kirito, ainz, and hajime looking at her

tanya: hello

ainz: why is she here

shiroe: she seemed upset about something, so i figured id bring her back, get her a drink and send her out again

ainz: hmmm, ok kirito, please get her some tea

kirito nods as the others all sit at a table

tanya: shouldn’t you all get some sleep

ainz: we tried but then we decided we should make a plan for tommorow

hajime: we don’t know about every other competetor except seiya so we figured figuring out a plan would be for the best

tanya: it’s not the worst idea, me and kunai were planning on going for naofumis group since they seem to be the odd ones out since naofumi can’t use weapons and kazuma seems useless seiyas there only offensive choice

ainz: not completely, naofumi has a powerful defence and supposedly magic that can back it up

hajime: plus kazuma showed he could teleport to them, i saw while i was searching for subaru

tanya: i see

kirito walks in with five cups of green tea and passes them to the others, he sits down before looking at tanya

kirito: so, what was stresssing you

tanya sighs before looking at them

tanya: when i was alive, or well in my past life, i refused to believe in a god, and after a former co worker pushed me into a train, i found, being x, it claimed to be god and i refused to believe it, after i disrespected him, he turned me into this

ainz: so this isn’t your first life?

tanya: no, before this life i was a successful buisness man

kirito: you were a guy?

tanya: yes, but in this new life, i became, different, i joined a army that killed others and is trying to take over the world, now i found out kunai is curious about me and id rather not lose the only companion i have here, at least, not until its just me and him, then I’ll betray him, and reveal everything

hajime: so your insane, and now that kunai wants to see who you really are, but what does this have to do with being x?

tanya: he thinks i want to be friends with him after that, after this is done i plan on bringing the war to earth

hajime: I’m not gonna let that happen. so before this is over, i will kill you, but not right now

tanya nods before standing up

tanya: i think I’ve over stayed my selcome, i believe i should get going

tanya walks out before flying off at high speeds back to kunais location before laying back down and going to sleep

part 3- day two(i promise things will start kicking up from here)

tanya wakes up to see hajime standing over her, she jumps to her face as she notices kunai talking to kirito and ainz she sighs

tanya: not here to fight

hajime: we would, but on our way here we saw rimuru destroy one of the planets so we figured wed warn you two and go back to our hunt for the naofumi group

tanya: what. how

as the tremble in her voice is heard hajime, ainz, and even kunai chuckle

hajime: why get scared, i thought you were gonna win

he walks past as kirito, shiroe, and shiroe follow close behind

tanya: damn bastard

kunai: you ok

tanya: no, i just found out someone destroyed a planet, thats unheard of levels of power

kunai: no, not really, i could match that power easily

tanya: what

as she looks in shock a snap is heard, they turn to see diablo with a devilish smirk

diablo: looks like I’ve found my first victims. time to kill

kunai puts his hands up before tanya puts her hand up to stop kunai

tanya: I’ll deal with him

kunai: if i can’t even handle rimurus henchman, what use am i to you

kunai: well conversation is nice

tanya rushes tward diablo who diablo lifts his hand up and sends out a explosion, tanya dodges and kicks diablo in the face before pulling her flame thrower and trying to light diablo on fire, diablo slaps tanya to the side and then knees her into a tree

diablo: freeze

ice consumes the area as kunai breaks out quickly and so does tanya who then pulls the mp 40 and firing it at diablo who dodges all the shots quickly before tanya throws a model 39 grenade before ducking behind a tree, the grenade explodes and launches diablo back, diablo catches himself and snaps as tanya steps on a rock that explodes launching her back she cathces herself before moving at blinding speeds hitting diablo all over his body before kicking him on the back of the head, diablo quickly bitch slaps tanya launching her through several trees, she stands up and notices her arm was dislocated, she relocates it before pulling her mondragon and firing at diablo who pulls his scythe and blocks each shot before rushing tanya and trying to swing his scythe at her but she ducks down and sweeps his legs and then kicks diablo in the the gut launching him back into a tree before shooting at diablo more, diablo jumps to his feet dodging the shots before tanya uses telechenisis to stop him in his tracks and throwing him into a tree, diablo sighs before looking at tanya dead in the eyes

diablo: fine, you want to piss me off, I’ll end this now

diablo disappears as tanya pulls gewehr 43 and the mag 34 before searching for diablo everywhere in eye line before diablo rushes from behind and stabs her in the back with his scythe, he throws her to the side before she aims down and fires the mag 34 and firing at diablo hitting his left leg before she slides hitting a tree

diablo: damn it

diablo heals before running off, tanya perches herself against the tree before caughing up some blood, it doesn’t take long for kunai to land infront of tanya and kneeling over her

kunai: tanya, you ok

tanya: do i look ok

kunai: why did you have me hold back

tanya: he looked weaker than he was, he just overwhelmed me

kunai: here

he hands her a ciggerete and she takes it as he pulls a lighter and lights it

tanya: thank you kunai

kunai: you’ll be dead soon, any fair wells you want me to tell hajimes group

tanya: no, just you

kunai: no need, I can find out after this

tanya: you don’t understand kunai, I’m not-

kunai: a good person? i can tell, your uniform looks similar to that of a nazi, it even has a symmbol on it similar to a nazi uniform, but you still made for good company

tanya: really

kunai turns and nods

kunai: I’ll see you after this all, understood

tanya: understood

tanya smiles as tears roll down her face as she gasps her body falls limp

kunai: good luck

ko 2/11

kunai burries the body of tanya and walks away as the screen turns to numbers again as it shows tanya sitting up with boomstick and wiz tending to the simulations, she looks to see subaru sleeping against a wall as deadpool and ring master walks up

deadpool: oh look the nazi woke up next

ring master: no need to brag, i get it you won the bet, it wasn’t kazuma next to die

ring master puts some money in deadpools hand as deadppol looks back to tanya

deadpool: as for you, here

he throws a nazi uniform at tanya and she throws it to the side

tanya: the fuck, where am i

wiz: well technically your in my underground lab, welcome

boomstick: but the exact location is deathbattle hq

tanya: ok, well, where can i watch the rest of the fight

wiz guides her to a room that holds people from the different worlds that the characters are from, as it looks into a giant screen on the wall to show team hajime fighting naofumis team, hajime winds his fist back and throws a punch as naofumi blacks and is sent back but keeping his feet on the ground, seiya jumps up and brings his blade down behind hajime but kirito blocks before thrusting his sword forward launching seiya back, seiya gets up and shoots hellfire at kirito who dodges and swings at seiya who blocks before kicking kirito in the gut and grabbing him and throwing him to the side before ainz catches him and puts him to the ground

kirito: thanks

ainz: no problem, so what are we looking at here

kirito: he can over power me in brute strength with no problem

shiroe: i think i have a solution to that, thorn bind hostage

thorns wrap around seiya but in with brute strength he rips free as the explosions consume him but he walks out of the dust and rushes shiroe but ains blocks in his armor hitting seiya back, he quickly removes the armor before shooting lightning at seiya who does the same, they clash magic but before long ainz launches a dragon made of lightning from his body that stays next to him to identify its target, seiya sticks his hand out a giant serpant bursts from the ground and before long the serpant and dragon rush each other, clashing in the back ground as ainz and seiya stare down the other, ainz and seiya both summon arrows as they pull there arms back as arrows from, but as ainz gets ready to launch his one seiya summons four more before both let got, ainz hits one of seiya arrows and the other four comes close but kirito blocks all of them with a large sword dust kicks up and when it clears it reveals kirito is in alfein form before he looks back at ainz who notices yui but in a different form, she resembles a fairy, she looks at ainz and gives a gentle smile

yui: hi mister ainz, daddy asked me to see if there was anyway to increase his power and i found i could change his form, and i took this form for fun

ainz: i see

shiroe: kirito, I’m going to help hajime, do you have the situation under control?

kirito: yeah, this shouldn’t take long

shiroe nods before running off in the direction of hajime and naofumis fight, hajime shoots his flamethrower at naofumi but naofumi rushes hajime bashing him with his shield, hajime lands on his feat and pulls his needle shot gun as naofumis shield alters to the needle shield, they fire, there shots coliding, they fire until hajime runs out of ammo and sends a pillar between him and naofumi, as naofumi jumps back thorn bind hostage wraps around him

shiroe: your finished naofumi

as shiroe begins to approach hajime kazuma runs up behind shiroe, hajime notices and pulls his revolvers and fires at kazuma but the shots miss as kazuma thrusts his blade into shiroe, shiroe caughs up blood before using thorn bind hostage on kazuma and looking at hajime

shiroe: heh, not surprised, hajime, promise me, you, kirito, or ainz will win this

hajime: i promise

a lightning orb appears next to kazuma and starts hitting him as the thorns start to explode until, it disappears, no thorns remain as a bigger explosion goes off launching shiroe forward, hajime catches his body before another explosion is heard as the piller starts to fall forward landing on hajime

ko 3/11

it goes to numbers as shiroe opens his eyes to see akatsuki standing above him

shiroe: akatsuki, how are you

akatsuki: good master, how are you

shiroe: I’ve been better

deadpool: hey look, hairy potter is awake

ring master: so shiroe, how are you feeling

shiroe: been better, where am I

deadpool: welcome to deathbattle hq, oh and heres your gift

deadpool hands shiroe a small container that looks like it would contain glasses, shiroe opens it and pulls out a replica of hairy potters wand before putting it in his pocket and looking to see subaru sleeping against a wall before looking at a screen to notice the simulation going on, it dives in to show kunai punching diablo and diablo being sent back, diablo catches himself before throwing his scythe at kunai who dodges, catches it and shatters it in his hand, kunai pulls three throwing knives and throws them at diablo. diablo dodges before shooting a beam of light but kunai dodges and rushes diablo punching him several times before kicking diablo in the gut launching diablo through several trees, diablo shoots several fire balls but kunai dodges all of them before throwing several kunai knives but diablo dodges and kicks kunai but kunai catches the leg of diablo before spinning and sending diablo over head before slamming diablo to the ground, kunai then throws diablo through the forest causing dozens of trees to come down before diablo gets up and stares down kunai

diablo: your not half bad, but you aren’t gonna win

kunai: try me, you can’t win diablo

meanwhile kazuma and a uncounsious naofumi are being carried by seiya whp flies at high speeds before landing and leaning naofumi against the tree

seiya: i saw what you did, good job kazuma

kazuma: thanks, but still, they’ll probably be hunting us now

naofumi: if we seperate them we should be able to take them out one by one, kazuma, do you think you can take kirito

kazuma: probably, he seems to be the weakest out of them

seiya: not exactly, kirito accessed a new form during my fight against him and ainz, it’s reasonable to believe that he’s still got more, but still, he would be the best for you to fight kazuma, think you can handle him

kazuma: y-yeah, i can handle him

seiya: naofumi, I’ll fight hajime, I still have a score to settle after last time

naofumi: understood, that leaves ainz, any ideas about him?

seiya: he mostly just used basic abilities, but he very clearly was holding back, just do what you can to win, other than that, i have nothing more to tell you

naofumi nods before a explosion goes off in the distance, the camera pans over to the source as diablo and kunai clash, kunai upper cuts diablo before kicking him in the gut and launching him back, diablo catches himself before launching a black hellfire kunai jumps out of the way as a black hole opens underneath him keeping him from moving, diablo smirks as a fire ball forms above them

diablo: lets finish this

the fire ball explodes making it rain fire above kunai, burning him before he forms a white ball of fire in his hand

diablo: white nova

diablo launches the attack and it hits kunai directly, the black hole disapears as diablo smirks before laughing

diablo: whats wrong couldn’t handle my strongest attack, you never were going to win

zero: that was your strongest

the smoke dispearses revealing a white haired man that stares at diablo, diablo looks in shock as zero puts his hands up before rushing diablo and punching him several times before grabbing diablo by the neck and dragging him on the ground, diablo hits zero in the nuts before throwing diablo to the side, zero lands and throws several punches faster than diablo can react before kicking diablo into a tree

zero: your pathetic, you think any of your attacks can hurt you

diablo: b-but, no i can’t lose, white nova

diablo launches serval white novas but they do nothing as zero just keeps shooting white novas, zero hits diablo across the face two times before hitting him in the chest launching him back. diablo looks up as zero smirks before punching the ground, diablo watches as a dragon bursts from the ground and starts coming twards diablo

diablo: wh-what are you

zero: I’m zero, zero kirisame, and now your dead

he watches as the dragon eats diablo whole as diablo is evaporated inside screaming in pain as zero smirk before turning back to kunai who lights a cigarette

ko 4/11

kunai: there, well diablo is out of the way, i should get out of here

kunai starts walking away as the screen turns to numbers again with it showing diablo waking up and looking around

diablo: urg, my head

he sits up thinking about what happened

diablo: that power, kunai, what are you

he looks down as doors open to show tanya, deadpool, and ring master walk in, tanya and diablo lock eyes as `tanya looks pissed as sweat drips from diablos face

deadpool: oh, demon lord one woke up, oh and look, it was demon lord 2 that killed him

tanya: so, how was your fight with kunai

diablo: heh, terrifying, he didn’t even break a sweat before he changed forms to someone i don’t even understand, callling himself, zero kirisame

tanya: well, he avenged me at least

shiroe: so, your out now diablo, well, good to see you

diablo: yeah, good to see you two, but now, we have to wait for rimuru to win

tanya: i think kunai has this, i want to see him win, i want to see all the others suffers

shiroe: hajime promised me one of the people in our group would win, i have faith he’ll keep his promise

the screen starts panning into another transistion but deadpool grabs the camera stopping it

deadpool: hey now, where do you think your going, i haven’t given diablo his gift

he hands diablo a box and diablo opens it pulling out a demon skull thats missing its horns, diablo stares for a moment before deadpool looks back to the camera

deadpool: ok, now you can return to the battle royale

shiroe: who are you talking to

deadpool: none of your fucking buisness

the camera pans back into the simulation to show hajimes group and naofumis group staring each other down. ainz and naofumi stare before it spins to show kazuma holding his sword in the direction of kirito, it spins again showing hajime and seiya staring down each other, the two groups get into fighting stances as rimuru watches from a mountain top

rimuru: this should be interesting, plus i should be able to figure out how to win against one of those groups

it pans to show kunai watching from a tree as he looks at the groups kazuma takes a deep breath before rushing kirito and clashing swords with him they launch eachother back as naofumi changes shields as vines start to burst from the ground grabbing ainz and trying to tie him down but ainz quickly breaks free before forming a big ball of ice above him before throwing it at naofumi who blocks with an air shield as ice spreads around, naofumi shoots water at ainz as ainz forms a fire ball above him launching it at naofumi the attacks collide causing steam to appear as hajime and seiya make there move, hajime launches several air slashes at seiya who dodges and shoots hellfire but hajime walks through it and punches seiya several times before flicking seiya launching him back, seiya catches himself as the camera pans back to kirito and kazuma who seem on even ground, kazuma lifts his hand up and puts it to kiritos chest before smirking, his hand reals back as it bursts with flames as he punches kirito launching him back, kazuma rushes kirito and tries striking at kirito with his sword but kirito blocks and thrusts kazuma back, kazuma clashes with kirito again both swinging with more power each time before kazuma launches kirito back but kirito starts flying at high speeds and coming twards kazuma bringing his sword down as it clashes with kazumas a explosion of power erupts from the two before kiritos large sword shatters, kirito jumps back and throws the sword to the side

kirito: yui, summon excalabur, now

yui nods as the sword is summoned into kiritos hand, he and kazuma rush each other clashing several times at high speeds before launching eachother back kirito rushes at speeds faster than kazuma can track going for the throat but kazuma narrowly dodges before slashing kirito across the chest, kirito caughs up some blood before yui heals him

kazuma; damn it, as long as yui is around he’ll keep getting support from her

kazuma rushes them and swings at yui but kirito block before launching kazuma back, kazuma sighs as several rings form above kirito and yui

kazuma: i wanted to save this for rimuru or hajime, but you leave me no choice, explosion

a explosion erupts from the rings as the camera pans to ainz and naofumis fight as naofumi starts attempting to fight off an army of skeletons as ainz watches from a distance sitting on a throne he created

ainz: its pointless, nobody could get past this army unless it’s me or someone stronger

naofumi: damn it, how many are there

he blocks a attack before noticing seiya pointing at the field while dodging attacks from hajime, he then looks up to see a meteor flying twards him, he puts his shield up to block as the meteor hits destroying the army instantly, ainz stands up as shields form a spear around him before lifting him up and taking him tward a iron maiden

ainz: interesting

he knocks on the side of the shields as the iron maiden consumes them and starts to close

naofumi: check mate

he smirks as light starts to come from within the shields before a explosion consumes everything in that area, ainz lands on the ground and looks at naofumi who’s shield turns into his wrath shield

naofumi: I’ve had enough games

ainz: i couldn’t agree with you more

ainz and naofumi stare eachother down as it pans to hajime and seiya who are locked in close range combat as hejime tries shooting his revolvers at seiya who keeps stopping him each time, hajime teleports back before starting to increase the gravity around seiya, the ground starts to crack as seiya looks up at hajime lifting his hand up

seiya: like i said, I’m entirely and completely prepared

a cage forms around hajime and starts to close in on him but hajime snaps and the cage is destroyed he then grabs seiya and electrocutes him before throwing him into a rock, seiya stands up before looking back at hajime and standing up, he gets ready to fight as it pans to the smoke of the battle field that kirito and kazuma have, kazuma smirks as he thinks he’s won after the explosion spell, he laughs before looking to see a purple light spring from the smoke

kazuma: w-wait, your alive

kirito: it takes more than that to kill me and yui

yui turns back to her kid form as kirito reveals the long haired gun gale form

kazuma: wait… did you become a girl

kirito face palms before rushing kazuma, they collide before kazuma throws kirito off, kirito lands on his feet and pulls his pistol before firing several times, kazuma narrowly dodges before shooting a fire ball that kirito dodges before jumping up and trying to hit kazuma, kazuma blocks before moving to the side and trying to hit kirito but kirito blocks before kicking kazuma in the gut before trying to hit kazuma but kirito is blocked and stuck trying to over power kazuma, the two get determined before kirito finally launches kazuma back, kazuma plants his sword in the ground ton catch himself, kirito goes to hit kazuma but kazuma summons the sword of kirito to his hand and goes to hit kirito but kirito dodges and kicks kazuma knocking him back,kirito aims his pistol at kazuma firing unloading his rounds but kazuma dodges each shot before going to hit kirito several times, kirito keeps dodging until grabbing kazumas hand and twisting causing kazuma to dodge kirito’s laser sword beforekicking him back

kirito: you won’t win

kazuma: my whole life, everyone thought i couldn’t do anything, i won’t lose to you, or i will just prove that I’m uselessm

kazuma under his breath: thanks seiya, i won’t let you down

kazuma and kirito clash causing a flash as it shows ainz sliding his feet planted on the ground as naofumi and ainz clash, ainz shoots fire at naofumi who blocks and then creates his field of fire but ainz just walks through it as naofumi just watches before shaking his head and activating blood sacrifice

naofumi: what ever it takes, as long as i beat you

the serpant? bear trap snake? whatever you call it bursts from the ground trying to eat ainz but ainz catches it and doesn’t seem to struggle holding its mouth open, ainz thrusts his arms to the side causing the creature to split in two before ainz lands on the ground and looks at naofumi who’s weakened from blood sacrifice

ainz: was it worth it

naofumi: i, must, beat you

ainz: I’m sorry but your odds of beating me are close to zero from the start, but now, I’m afraid your done

ainz winds his fist back before hitting naofumi in the gut sending him far back hitting seiya they both land with a roll as kazuma smacks down next to them

rimuru: this is over

kunai: wasn’t even close

seiya and kazuma barely stand up as ainz approaches them

kazuma: seiya, get naofumi out of here, I’ll win this for us

seiya: it’s pointless, ainz, kirito, and hajime were to much for each of us individually, how could you win on your own

ainz stops feet away before getting his ultimate skill starting, a black wind starts up as kazuma smiles looking at seiya

kazuma: i have luck on my side, now both of you, go

he snaps as both teleport miles away as the `wind consumes kazuma who smiles as a tear drips from seiyas face

kazuma: guess i really am not useless, this last attack, i’ll put everything behind it

kazuma grabs his sword and starts to rush twards ainz, he pulls back and swinf=gs with everything he can but on contact with ainz his sword shatters he looks in shock as he falls, dead on the ground

ainz: I am sorry that you had to lose in this way, 8th place probably wasn’t, ideal

ko 5/11

seiya screams and starts to run twards the tornado before he hears naofumi caugh up blood, he looks bsck to see naofumi now standing

naofumi: not yet, let them come to us, then you can kill ainz and the rest of them in one go

kunai: I’m sorry but you two won’t be able to

the two look back to see kunai walking twards them, naofumi puts his hand up and shoots watter at kunai but kunai dodges and hits naofumi back, seiya swings his sword at kunai but kunai dodges and punches seiya twice before kicking him launching him back, naofumi tries punching kunai from the side but kunai dodges and breaks his arm and kicks him back, seiya stands up and looks at naofumi

seiya: naofumi, promise me you will get revenge for kazuma

naofumi: s-seiya, what are you doing

seiya: valhala gate

the gate appears behind kunai as the chains shoot out and latch onto kunai but kunai breaks out and starts rushing twards seiya. the chains launch again but kunai grabs seiya and throws him into the chains causing seiya to be dragged into the valhala gate and soon, it disappears

ko 6/11

naofumi looks before standing up

naofumi: seiya… kazuma, i promise, I’ll win this

naofumi looks at kunai and punches him with the none broken arm kunai plants his foot in the ground before punching naofumi launching him back

kunai: I’m not gonna let you go just yet

as they stare each other down, hajime, ainz, and kirito watch from the bottom of the hill

hajime: seiya, you fool, why fight someone when your weakened

ainz carries the body of kazuma before setting it down, he looks at kirito who meditating while yui watches

yui: so, whats going to happen

hajime: naofumi won’t stop fighting until he takes his last breath, but that will happen in this fight, to our knowledge only person kunai has fought before this was diablo, and judging by the difference in power, i assume that he didn’t take much effort, if naofumi won it would be due to sheer luck, it would give him a fairy tale ending to this fight

kunai throws a punch and naofumi blocks using his shield, a shockwave is formed as a struggle kicks in

hajime: unfourtunatly for naofumi, this isn’t a fairytale

naofumis shield cracks, naofumi looks in shock as it shatter and his entire arm is destroyed, he’s sent back and is barely standing, he looks at kunai gritting his teeth

naofumi: I’ll never back down, those two sacrificed themselves so they could let me win, I’ll win this for them, for everyone

naofumi grits his teeth as he winds the fist of his broken arm back and throws a punch, kunai winds his fist back throws a punch as well, one that goes past the arm of naofumi and hits his head, detonating it leaving blood splatter behind naofumi as his body falls back still spewing out blood

ko 7/11

kunai takes a deep breath before looking down to see hajimes group, hajime nods before turning after hearing rimuru walking up behind them, diablo slides down and they look around

ring master: and were on our final contenders, our last five combatants

hajime: whats the point?

ring master, I’m going to let you talk to your friends that sacrificed themselves to let you make it this far, as a reward for making it so far, but first

he snaps as they all are teleported to different areas. only ones in the same place as the others is hajime, ainz, and kirito, they look around a empty void before seeing shiroe approach

hajime; shiroe

hajime nods as shiroe looks at them with a smile

shiroe: hajime. kirito, ainz I’m glad to you all made it so far, but now, you all have to deal with kunai and rimuru, there both still in top shape, they didn’t have to deal with much, and rimuru hasn’t fought at all since he got here

kirito: we saw kunais last fight, he doesn’t seem to use anything but his fists, any one of us can take advantage of that

shiroe: not exactly

shiroe turns as subaru, naofumi, kazuma, and seiya walk up

hajime: oh, subaru, hello

subaru: hello hajime, if your worried theres hard feelings about me being last, there aren’t i assure you

seiya: kunai isn’t as simple as he punches so fight him with weapons, magic, or guns

naofumi: he’s a tatician, he took both me and seiya down without breaking a sweat, even if we are weakened that shouldn’t be an easy task

hajime: i see

kirito: I-I think i can handle kunai

hajime: you sure

ainz: inorder to fight him you have to get close, so you will have to

kirito: be faster than him, thats not a problem, dont worry

hajime: just… stay alive, got it

shiroe: hajime, i want you to be the one to fight rimuru, i was talking to some of his allies earlier and learned about his particular… skill set, he’s not a normal foe, he’s

hajime: i understand, you don’t need to worry

the screen pans as it shows rimuru looking at diablo

rimuru: diablo

diablo: hey rimuru… I’m sorry that

rimuru: that you were reckless fighting the wrong guy at the wrong time, it’s fine, but did you get the info

flash back to half way through day 1

rimuru: hey diablo

diablo: yeah

rimuru: we should make a plan, for how to win

diablo: doesn’t that seem pointless, where both extremely powerful

rimuru: yes but, look hajime, ainz, naofumi, even kunai i have worries about, there powerful, i can sense it

diablo: yes but we’ll kick there asses when we get to them

rimuru: but what if you die, or i die

diablo: how about this, if one of us dies, we’ll gather info about the others, write it down, then find a way to get it to the one still alive

rimuru: hmmm, you sure

diablo: yup

diablo smiles before it goes back to the present where diablo hands off a file labeled hajime to rimuru

rimuru: why only one

diablo: only one with a girl dumb enough to give me info, some rabbit chick, just told me everything she knew

rimuru looks in the file only seeing stuff about hajimes powers as his eyes widen, he looks through finding nothing on the weapons or weaknesses of hajime

rimuru: what

diablo: oh yeah, this little blond cut her off before she could tell me about his weapons, I’m sorry

rimuru: it’s fine, theres also nothing on his power or speed, but i’ll take what i can

diablo nods as it pans to kunai who stares at tanya, tanya sighs as she walks up only stopping a foot away from kunai

tanya: you just gonna stay quite

kunai: no, I’m not gonna stay quite but, i don’t exactly know what to say exactly

tanya: you burried my body, why?

kunai: even if you weren’t actually dead, you deserved to be burried in respect

tanya: also… thank you for getting revenge

kunai: diablo was the closest and the easiest to kill first

tanya: sure, keep telling yourself that, but look, I don’t have much to say, except, win, i believe in you on this one, kunai

as she says this he wakes up in a different location, he looks around as he notices the field has changed, theres shattered planets, everything, everyone sees this as ring master laughs


part 4- the final 5(last part)

hajime looks at kirito and nods kirito disappears before he nods to ainz who starts to walk next to him, the two look around as ainz starts to summon an undead army that go searching for rimuru

Ainz: hajime, I’ll see you at the end, you need your strength for if rimuru isn’t dealt with by me

Hajime: i understand, but ainz, if he ends up being to much, fire this so I’m alert to your location

Hajime creates a flare and hands it to ainz who nods before walking away, disappearing into the trees

Hajime: i should prepare, the weapons, maybe i should make some extra ammo as well

Hajime sits down and starts to create his different guns and extra ammo for them, mean while kirito jumps tree to tree every now and then his hair gets caught in a branch but it doesn’t matter as yui quickly deals with it while flying not far behind him

Kirito: yui, any luck locking onto any of the other two

Yui: not yet, kunai i can’t lock on anywhere in the area, and rimuru might as well not exist

Kirito: you can’t hack into the simulation

Yui: i tried but it’s taking longer than usual, it’s more advanced than usual

Kirito: ok, just… keep trying, ok

Kirito lands in an open field as he hears a stick break behind him he reaches for his swords while quickly turning around, he’s ready to fight until ainz steps out

Ainz: kirito, i see you haven’t found them yet either

Kirito: no, wheres hajime?

Ainz: he’s tending to anything he can to prepare, if we get to the end of this, then we would have earned it

Kirito nods as kunai emerges, smoking a cigarete

Kirito: there’s kunai, ainz, i suggest you start looking for rimuru

Kunai: so i guess your fighting me kirito

Kirito: go ainz, I’ve got him

Ainz nods as kirito nods to yui, he starts to glow as he turns to his alicization form, he stares down kunai who pulls knives holding them between his fingers, the two rush each other as kirito swings his blade kunai blocks with the knives before going for a punch kirito vanishes kicking kunai from behind before grabbing  his leg and slamming kunai into the ground, kunai jumps up landing on his feet before throwing several knives at kirito who hits all of the blades away before rushing down kunai swinging them constantly but kunai keeps dodging before punching kirito in the gut launching him back, kirito plants his blade in the ground stopping the momentum before looking at kunai

Kirito: yue, I’m not gonna be able to win with my ggo form, i need my alicization avatar

Yue: understood, activating, now

Kirito starts to glow as he changes into his alicization form, kunai lifts his hand up as he closes his eyes before opening them up again letting out a gust of power, the camera pans to ainz who wanders the area before blocking a kick from rimuru, he thrusts his arm forward launching rimuru back, rimuru lands before letting out a chuckle

Rimuru: i see, so you know how to defend, i expected less

Ainz shut it with the shit talk rimuru, we both know your far to nice to make good shit talk, you slime bastard

Rimuru: i get your trying to make a point but thats a bit harsh don’t you think ainz

Ainz: so, shall we fight or are you all talk

Rimuru: you see, you all are weakened thanks to fighting but I’m in tip top condition no stamina wasted, no needless waste of energy, no needless spending of mana, ainz, you can’t beat me

Ainz: maybe i can’t, but I’ll do my best

Rimuru draws his sword and goes to strike but ainz dodges before creating a pillar of light behind him, rimuru starts to burn before slicing the pillar in half and shooting lightning at ainz but ainz starts to walk through it before upper cutting rimuru, he shoots lightning at rimuru who dodges and teleports behind ainz who teleports behind rimuru and winds back a light arrow and launches it into rimurus back, rimuru morphs as he starts to move around in slime form before changing back ontop of a tree, rimuru puts his hand to the tree before it explodes into sharp spikes, all of witch flies towards ainz who lifts up a rock wall to block then launches spikes of stones at rimuru who dodges and ainz teleports behind him grabbing the back of rimurus neck and casts a explosion from his hand launching rimuru down ward, rimuru stands up as he dodges a sword swing from ainz who’s now in his armor, rimuru hits him launching him back into a mountain, ainz stands up and thrusts his sword forward launching it forward at high speeds, rimuru catches it in his fingers before pressing down, the sword cracks before shattering, rimuru rushes ainz who blocks using the remaining sword but it breaks in half before launching ainz back, ainz catches himself before he rips off his armor shattering it, he looks right at rimuru who lifts his hand up before sending out a slime tendril at ainz who teleports above him and launches several fire balls that do nothing to rimuru who starts to rush towards ainz who teleports again and shoots a energy blast that rimuru absorbs the attacks before sending out several hadokens that hit ainz before a loud screech is heard as the overlord wisdom is summoned

Ainz: overlord wisdom, kill him

Rimuru gets into a fighting stance as ranga jumps out and starts rushing twards the overlord wisdom which bith slaps ranga launching ranga into several trees before hitting a mountain leaving a large crater and a injured and beaten down ranga, rimuru’s eyes widen before a shadow falls over them

Rimuru: ranga, I’ll win this for you

Rimuru smirks as the overlord wisdom starts rushing twards him it goes to punch rimuru when veldora catches it with one hand

Veldora: hope you weren’t planning on hurting my best friend, rimuru, I’ve got this guy, you handle the over sized skeleton

Rimuru and ainz stare each other down as veldora and the overlord wisdom clash before rimuru and ainz both launch lightning at each other, the two bolts clash as it shows veldora lands on the ground and starts throwing hadokens at the overlord wisdom

Veldora: hadoken, hadoken, hadoken

Ainz and rimuru clash as they throw there verity of magic and abilities at each other, ainz is knocked back as veldora crashes next to rimuru catching hiself as the overlord sidom floats down next to ainz

Ainz: we won’t win if we get cocky, you may be winning now, but who knows how long that will last, now, I’ll use my full power, mystery tier

Ainz closes his eyes before he opens them again letting out a surge of power, rimuru takes a deep breath as he closes his eyes

Raphael: is everything ok?

Rimuru: yes, this power, am i against someone i can’t beat, i thought that there were none left that were even on the same level as me, but this power that ainz is releasing, it’s incredible, someone on my level

Rapael: i see, i can’t see the future, i can’t tell how powerful he is, and i don’t know if you’ll win or lose, but, what i do know is that you’re always going to keep fighting no matter how hopeless things may get

Rimuru: thank you raphael

Raphael: your welcome, now I’ll take over if you need time to think

Rimuru’s body is taken over as raphael looks at ainz

Raphael: hello, you must be ainz

Ainz: that voice, your not rimuru are you?

Raphael: yes, I am raphael, a being that watches over rimuru

Ainz: I am ainz ooal gown, it is a pleasure to meet you

After the introductions are done a explosion goes off in the distance, the camera pans over to show kunai holding the blade of kiritos blade back, he thrusts forward as kirito lands on his feat before lifting his hand up and looking at kunai

Kirito: system call, generate thermal element, shape element, arrow, fly straight

Kirito winds his hand back as a fire arrow forms, then two more form before kirito aims at kunai who pulls three kunai knives

Kirito: discharge

The arrows fly forward as kunai throws the knives the attacks collide creating a explosion and leaving smoke

Kirito: system call, generate luminous element, burst element

A light envelopes the area, kunai looks away as kirito goes to strike but kunai dodges before punching kirito multiple times before kicking him in the gut and launching kirito back into a rock, kirito stands up before dodging another punch from kunai before sweeping kunais feet and then kicking kunai in the gut launching him back, kunai catches himself before throwing several kunai but kirito blocks all of them before he sticks his hand in the air

Kirito: system call

Kunai: not this again

Kirito: generate aerial element

Kunai starts to rush towards kirito but as he’s about to reach kirito kirito finishes the system call

Kirito: burst element

A burst of wind launches kunai back as the ground begins to wrap around his legs, kunai starts to struggle before pulling himself out and getting ready to fight again, kunai puts his arms up as he rushes kirito and hits him several times, he then grabs kirito by the neck and choke slams him before throwing kirito into a tree, kirito stands up before planting the blue rose into the ground

Kirito: freeze

The area is covered in ice as kunai is trapped quickly, kirito walks over to kunai before lifting his blade, he brings it down but kunai breaks out and catches the blade, kunai throws the blade to the side and goes to hit kirito but kirito vanishes, kunai looks in shock as kirito goes to bring down the sword but kunai dodges, the camera pans over to hajime who meditates ontop of a rock as he relaxes, his muscles relaxed, yue teleports infront of him and taps his shoulder while floating

Hajime: yes?

Yue: i checked in on ainz a second ago, him and rimuru are fighting with all there power, and there’s another guy fighting some sort of monster

Hajime: i see, and kirito

Yue: daddy is fighting kunai, there locked in mortal combat and the winner isn’t clear cut

Hajime: i understand, if something happens, alert me immediately, understood

Yue: understood

Yue moves as the camera zooms back to ainz vs raphael, ainz is invisible hitting rimuru from every side, raphael activates magicule sense and finds ainz slicing at him with the sword, ainz breaks the sword before shooting a gravity orb at raphael, it hits and crushes the body of rimuru but it quickly regenerates and reforms, ainz creates a gravity field to hold raphael down before summoning the tornado of sharks, they bite and hit raphael but no damage is taken as raphael bursts from the tornado

Raphael: it seems your out of tricks

Ainz: maybe one more

S blsck hole forms behind raphael and starts pulling him in, he planets his feet into the ground as he resists but ainz simply approaches and winds up a punch before hitting, but he starts being wrapped by slime, it begins to consume him before he teleports away, he looks up as a spike impails him, he coughs up blood before raising the flare

Ainz: hajime, kirito, never give up, I may have lost, I may have died, but you’re still alive, I don’t wish to lose but now, it’s up to you

He pulls the trigger and the flare flies up, ainz coughs up more blood as rimuru regains conciousness, hajime sees the flare and teleports to the location of it to find a wounded ainz lying on the ground

Hajime: ainz, you ok

Ainz: h-hajime, don’t heal me, there’s no point, I’m a dead man

Hajime: i told you to be careful

Ainz: yeah, well i don’t listen to anyone

Hajime: i see, how long?

Ainz: not much longer, thank you hajime, please, you or kirito win this

Hajime: i promise, we’ll win this, for you

Hajime watches as ainz becomes cold, his skeleton starts to become dust as hajime nods to him

Hajime: see you after this ainz

KO 8/11

Hajime stands up before teleporting to the location of kunai and kiritos fight,kunai goes for a punch but kirito dodges and swings at kunai but kunai dodges and hits kirito launching him back, kirito jumps up and brings down his swords with all his power, he hits the ground and it erupts around where the blade hit, kunai upper cuts kirito before hitting kirito in the gut launching him back

Kunai: face it kirito, you won’t win, your not fast enough, your not strong enough, your to weak

Kirito: everyone tells me that i do more than i need to, that I’m to nice, that i don’t have to care for people i don’t know when i do, i save people, I’m the black swords man that stays in the light, and yet, many hate me, they’ll act like what ive done for others doesn’t matter, that I’m a nobody, but i don’t care who hates me, I’ll defend my friends, but first, I need to win this

Kunai: that was an unnecessary speech but ok

Kunai and kirito rush each other, kunai throws knives but kirito deflects all of the,  Kunai throws a punch but kirito dodges before swinging his sword straight up, cutting off kunais arm, kunai doesn’t pay attention as he throws another punch but kirito cuts off his other arm, kunai kicks kirito launching kirito back, kirito catches himself and puts his arms to his chest, pointing the sword straight up and forming an x with his arms

Kirito: time to end this

Kunai: guess i was wrong about you

Kirito starts rushing at high speeds towards kunai

Kunai: kirito, good luck with the rest of the fight

Kirito appears on the other side of him as his head flies up, landing not far away

KO 9/11

Kirito: how’s ainz?

Hajime: gone, he asked that one of us win, let’s keep his final wish

Kirito: i see, we’ll meet up with him and shiroe after this, for now, we should focus on rimuru

Rimuru: good luck

They look up to see rimuru laughing, his head raised up

Hajime: so your smug now

Kirito: you won’t win

Rimuru: watch me

Rimuru jumps down landing on the ground while pulling out a sword and rushing the two, kirito blocks the first swing as hajime jumps over him and kicks rimuru in the face launching rimuru back, rimuru shoots black lightning at hajime who causes a piece of the earth the spring up and block the attack, kirito appears behind rimuru and slaches several times but it does nothing, rimuru back hands kirito and hajime pulls the schlagen and fires but rimuru catches and redirects the attack at hajime who dodges to the side before cross bit appear all around shooting at rimuru from every angle, hajime snaps as rimuru contorts into a monstrous shape but rimuru just reforms back to normal

Rimuru: you can’t beat me, why even try?

Hajime: because we made a promise, and we will keep it

Kirito: at any cost

Kirito: so we must beat you

Kirito rushes at rimuru and slashes at him but rimuru blocks with his sword, they clash several times before they both are launched back a meteor appears over head heading towards rimuru, hajime teleports behind kirito grabs him and teleports away as rimuru looks at the meteor as it hits detonating the planet, the rubble is cleared as rimuru waves his hand blowing the rubble away before using magic sense to find hajime but he doesn’t notice kirito nearby as he flies in and punches hajime, hajime gets up and pulls the pile bunker and firing it at rimuru but it does nothing as rimuru simply reforms, rimuru grabs hajime and starts to wrap around him with slime

Rimuru: you can’t defeat me, I’ll just absorb you

Rimuru looks at hajime who’s close to being fully engulfed when kirito launches darkness at rimuru launching the slime away from hajime, hajime shoots lightning at rimuru shocking the slime before kirito kicks rimuru launching him back before stabbing the blue rose into rimuru, rimuru begins to get covered in ice but rimuru breaks out and punches kirito launching him back, kirito catches himself planting his sword into the ground to stop himself

Kirito: what do we do hajime

Hajime: we stop holding back

Kirito: wait… you’ve been holding back

Kirito shrugs as he rushes at rimuru, he starts slashing at rimuru hundreds of times

Hajime: yue, help your father, I’m gonna do something

Yue: understood

Yue launches a beam from her hand that hits rimuru and launches rimuru back, rimuru hits a tree before flying back and getting hit in the gut by yue, rimuru summons veldora who is still beaten down from his fight with the overlord wisdom

Rimuru: you ok veldora

Veldora: yeah, I’ll be fine, but i suppose you dealt with the others and he’s the last one

Rimuru: no, there’s still another but i don’t know where he is

Veldora: i see, well then, I’ll take the girl you’ll take the other, deal

Rimuru: you got it

Veldora rushes yue who vanishes and appears behind veldora before throwing several swords into veldora’s back, veldora goes for a back hand but yue dodges and grabs him by the neck and starts flying up

Yue: sorry mister, but i win

Veldora: not yet

Veldora puts his hands together as a spear of light starts to form in his hand

Veldora: HAME

Yue throws veldora who keeps the pose and gets ready to fire as yue starts forming beams in her hands before putting them together infront of her

Veldora: KAME

Yue starts to fire as she closes her eyes before opening them again

Veldora: HA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Yue and veldora fire the attacks as a long shot is seen of the two beams slowly approaching eachother before they collide, yues beam quickly overpowers veldoras and hits veldora disintegrating him as all thats heard are his screams of pain

Yue: wonder how daddies doing

She rushes back down to see kirito blocking a beam that rimuru fired, yue punches rimuru from behind launching him back, rimuru summons his ice lances and fires them at yue who creates a shield. As she does this hajime creates a psychic link with her

Hajime: yue,get kirito off the planet, now

Yue: why, what’s happening

The camera pans to show a star being swung at a high speed as hajime keeps a grip on it

Hajime: just… trust me on this

It pans back to where yue and kirito are throwing rimuru around, rimuru kicks kirito before throwing a punch at yue but she blocks with a energy shield, rimuru jumps back and his slime starts to expand consuming everything, yue grabs kirito and goes to teleport but a tendral grabs kirito and pulls him from yues grip


Kirito: yue, get away, don’t let him get you

Kirito draws his swords and starts to slash at rimuru who then impales him before ripping him in half

KO 10/11

Yue falls to her knees

Hajime: yue, you there, whats the status with you and kirito

Yue begins to glow and surge with energy as her eyes are filled with tears

Hajime: that power, yue what happened, what is going on down there

Hajime throws the star as a burst of light and power consumes everything as yue disappears

5 hours later

Hajime wakes up on a planet, covered in snow, he shakes off the snow and looks around before turning to see kunai, tanya, ainz, kirito, yue, shiroe, naofumi, kazuma, seiya, and subaru standing there

Hajime: did I… fail

Ainz shakes his head as he approaches hajime

Ainz: not quite hajime, we were allowed to check in on you, you and rimuru were knocked out in yues out burst

Yue: sorry mister hajime

Hajime: it’s fine, so kirito, ainz, yue, I’m the last one, it’s just me and rimuru, so what have you gathered about him

Kirito: well. His power is on another level

Ainz: he far out classed us

Yue: i could only keep up by hacking the very program

Ainz: he didn’t even fight me, it was some kind of alternate personality that called themselves raphael

Kirito: i suggest giving it everything youve got, or else you won’t stand a chance

Ainz: hajime, can i ask, we all have shown amazing powers since we’ve arrived, but you have only used weapons and basic skills, what are you hiding

Shiroe: how powerful are you

Subaru: tell us

Kazuma: what are you capable of that will let you beat rimuru

Tanya: and you better fucking beat him, i didn’t die so early on just so that a slime would win

Kunai: our power was beyond anything most could believe, and yet, we all lost

Naofumi: explain hajime

Hajime inhails and exhails before looking around

Hajime: i don’t know, if i can win, but our power combined, should be more than enough to finally win

Seiya: and how do you expect to do that

Hajime: your code so you shouldn’t feel a thing

Kazuma: whats that supposed to mean

Hajime summons a wind blade and cuts fingers off everyone before eating them, they grab at the wounds before there fixed by hajime

Kazuma: so, what now?

Hajime: i just gained your powers in doing that, now, all your power is mine while in the simulation

They slowly fade away leaving ainz, shiroe and kirito left

Kirito: you sure you’ve got this?

Hajime: yes I’m sure

Kirito nods as he fades

Ainz: make sure to win hajime, never give up, understood

Hajime: yes, understood

Ainz pats hajime on the back and slowly fades, leaving shiroe and hajime

Shiroe: so, you made it to the last of us, only you and rimuru are left, you happy?

Hajime: about how you all had to sacrifice yourselves for me to make it here? Of course not, but i thank you all for helping me

Shiroe: it was nothing, but please, keep your promise

Hajime: don’t worry, I’ll keep it

Shiroe nods as he fades away, hajime looks up as he notices a planet flying towards the one he’s on

Hajime: guess this is it, the final battle

Rimuru: are you prepared to lose hajime

Hajime: are you ready for me rimuru

hajime/rimuru: you won’t beat me

Part 5- the final battle(this time it actually is the final part, decided to make this for the climax)

Hajime winds his fist back as the planet approaches before punching it detonating the planet itself, hajime then launches the rubble at rimuru who just absorbs it before putting all of it into a tandrail he deploys from his arm and goes to hit hajime with it but hajime uses spatial magic to control the earth inside the arm and detonate it the earth being thrown in all directions before hajime forms a giant arm out of the snow and hits rimuru but rimuru wraps around it and aborbs it before landing next to hajime and shooting it out of his mouth launching hajime back, rimuru then shoots a poison at hajime hitting him and he looks smug but hajime hits him and shocks him before launching him back, rimuru hits hajime knocking hajimes soul from his body but hajimes soul flies back into him and he then punches rimurus soul out of his body and rimuru flies back into his body hitting hajime back

Rimuru: your noy gonna beat me hajime

Rimuru causes a piece of the earth to hit hajime and launch him back, hajime catches himself as a gravity field is created around him, the earth around him shatters and cracks leaving a crater

Rimuru: I can do better

Hajime: shut the fuck up with that better than me bullshit, I’m standing up without even noticing that you up’d the gravity by 1,000 percent, you only survive blows because you are able to morph into what you want when you want, but rimuru, you want to see what my true power is

Hajime teleports before punching rimuru in the back before pulling the hyperion upgraded version and firing but rimuru simply slaps it from hajime’s hands before punching rimuru in the gut launching rimuru back, rimuru lifts a mountain before slamming it into hajime, hajime created a shield before making rock quickly consumes rimuru and start to crush him but rimuru quickly breaks out before rimuru sends dozens of tendrils at hajime, hajime punches each one as it approaches detonating each of them, hajime then teleports behind rimuru and punching rimuru several times before grabbing rimuru from behind and slamming rimuru into the ground launching rimuru through the planet, rimuru looks around before smirking, he starts wrapping around the planet but hajime quickly teleports away, hajime grabs two stars and throws both at rimuru who punches them causing super novas, rimuru dispearses them with a simple wave before he launches several pieces of slime at hajime who catches them before looking at rimuru

Hajime: i probably could beat you without my using this ability, but I’ll humor you and hold nothing back, rimuru

Hajime eats the slime as rimurus jaw drops

Rimuru: wh-what

Hajime smirks as he launches a black lightning at rimuru who dodges

Rimuru: wait, you can copy abilities to, well then, system call… raphael what was the rest

Raphael explains and rimuru casts a fire arrow at hajime who teleports out of the way before teleporting behind rimuru and going to punch rimuru, rimuru attempts to stop time but it does nothing as hajime just hits rimuru multiple times before launching rimuru into a planet, rimuru lifts his hand up as the debris from the snow planet launch towards hajime who snaps and all of it just stops existing, rimuru looks in shock before calming himself and going after hajime, both hit each other causing a surge of power that detonates hundreds of planets, the screen goes to numbers and code as it pans out to show a room full of people watching, as they all look facinated by the display of power that hajime and rimuru are displaying

Ainz: hajime and rimuru are far more powerful than i expected, this display, it’s on a level i would have never expected, it’s simply incredible

Seiya: i understand it now

Naofumi: understand what?

Seiya: no matter what, this fight wasn’t between everyone, from the start this fight was there’s

Kazuma: so, no matter what, we would have lost

Seiya: correct

Ring master: i wouldn’t say that, but more on that later

Diablo: come on rimuru, i know you will win this, don’t let my death be for nothing

They all look at the screen as it zooms in to show rimuru and hajime clash, the power keeping up as they just surpass the power they had previously reached, hajime looks at his hand as he turns it to slime and lanches tendrils at rimuru, rimuru does the same and the clash launches both back into opposing planets, rimuru stands up and jumps off detonating the planet as hajime does the same

Rimuru: never before have i had a fight like this

Hajime: one where my blood boils for more

Rimuru: where i wait for the next blow

Hajime: where i don’t have to hold back

hajime/rimuru: a fair fight

The two clash causing a burst of energy lights up the surrounding area, the two land on a planet and stand up, hajime looks at rimuru who puts his fists up and gets ready for a fight, hajime cleses his fists before opening his hand

Hajime: they gave me there power, i might as well use it

A shadow hand punches rimuru launching rimuru to the side as a lightning dragon hits rimuru and launches him back, several circles appear over head and start to glow as it sends an explosion that consumes rimuru before launching rimuru forward, rimuru is caught by hajime and thrown to the side rimuru catches himself and punches hajime several times before sending black lightning at hajime hitting him and launching him back, hajime takes a deep breath as he summons some of tanyas grenades and throws them at rimuru launching rimuru back

Hajime: i won’t let you win

Rimuru: i will win this hajime, you can’t stop me

Rimuru and hajime clash again and again before launching each other back, rimuru is wrapped in vines multiple times until he’s consumed

Rimuru: odd

Hajime: i will not lose, even if this move wasn’t made to be used multiple times, I’ll use it in any way i want

Hajime pulls a new hyperion and fires, next thing you know an explosion engulfs the area leaving a crater that rimuru and hajime are knocked down in, hajime slowly stands up as rimuru jumps to his feet

Rimuru: not bad hajime, not bad, but it’s not that your weak that’s the reason you’ll never win, oh no, your actually the strongest foe I’ve ever fought, but the reason you won’t win is because i can regenerate from anything, i feel no pain and will never lose, you were a tough foe and I’m sure that if i was human i would be in agony but I’m going to-

Hajime: how many times do i need to tell you to shut the fuck up

Hajime uses restoration magic on himself and stands up

Hajime: I’ve killed many, many powerful beings, and your the strongest foe I’ve ever faced, but now rimuru, I have to beat you

Hajime smirks as a explosion goes off underneath rimuru launching him upward as hajime hits rimuru while he’s falling back down, launching him back, rimuru is launched through several trees before catching himself, hajime and rimuru rush eachother as hajime activates the power boosts from kunai before there clash launching rimuru back, rimuru tries catching himself but hajime drop kicks him from behind, rimuru flies forward catching himself before shooting several beams at hajime who teleports away

Rimuru: I’ve had just about enough of this, now, you will be erased

Rimuru attempts to erase hajime from but hajime isn’t fazed as he simply bitch slaps rimuru to the side, throwing rimuru around for awhile before he soars to space and aims downward before snapping as the planet itself detonates

Hajime: that it?

Rimuru: you can’t win hajime, I’m a slime, a god, someone who can regenerate from anything

Hajime: your a slime, that’s right, metamorphosis should fix all my problems

Hajime smirks as rimuru is launched into a planet, rimuru stands up and gets ready to continue but he tries to fly at hajime, but nothing happens as he jumps up and then falls back to the ground

Rimuru: wh-what

Hajime appears feet away from rimuru holding a chain

Hajime: i turned you human, all your abilities, everything about you was lost when i  changed you

Rimuru: no, that’s not possible

Hajime: now rimuru, I win

In a swift second nothing but rimuru’s head is left as hajime spins one of his revolvers in his hand before taking aim and firing it turning the head to blood splatter

KO 11/11


Hajime and rimuru wake up to see many different people in the room, shocked at what they had just witnessed

Wiz: ok, ok everyone, please let the participants breathe, will all combatants follow me please

They listen and follow close behind wiz before being positioned in seats to watch the post analysis

Wiz: everything set boomstick?

Boomstick: yup, let’s wrap this episode up

Before he hits a record button a explosion goes off downstairs a call from ring master appears on screen

Boomstick: what now

They answer as ring master clears smoke away from his head

Ring master: hey guys, so ummm deadpool just blew up the D.B.S,

Wiz: why

Deadpool: because i can

Wiz: just stay down there, we have a post analysis to get through, I’ll fix it later

Wiz hangs up as boomstick hits record starting up the post analysis

post analysis

boomstick: wow, talk about a major upset

wiz: now people, please stop screaming at your screens about how rimuru lost, there’s plenty of evidence to support this result

rimuru: what?

hajime: what are they talking about

boomstick: more on slime kiriby later

wiz: so let’s break this down one by one

boomstick: starting with dead last place, subaru, we want to say we thought subaru would be much higher, especially considering the fact that his revival is pretty fucking over powered

wiz: but surprisingly enough, almost everyone here had a way to cancel his revival out, and even with his spirit and his own abilities, subaru is majorly out classed

boomstick: his physical traits are all above average, for a human, but compared to everyone else, well he’s fucked, even the 200 thousand tons of force feat is only 200 tons of tnt, majorly out classed by everyone here

wiz: so no matter what, subaru was doomed for last place

subaru: i see, I’m the odd one out of the group

boomstick: though admittably at times he could out last tanya and shiroe, but almost all the time he makes bad descisions and end up in last place

wiz: moving onto tanya

tanya: let’s see this

kunai: calm down tanya

wiz: who was surpringly out classed by even shiroe and diablo, she was one of the faster one’s here yes, but thats all she had going for here

boomstick: almost all her stats are lower than shiroes except for intelligence which the two were surprisingly even in intelligence but thats all she had over the tenth place

tanya: i see, so they’ll give last place a detailed explanation but not me, this means war subaru, war i tell you

wiz: speaking of which, while shiroe had some powerful magic on his side, shiroe’s whole combat style revolves around working with a team, and if he doesn’t pay attention for a single second he could easily be killed

boomstick: he has shown light speed reactions but so has pretty much everyone else here

wiz: and while his attacks were powerful, the power wasn’t enough to kill pretty much anyone above him

boomstick: and now diablo

diablo: ah shit, welp, time to here how useless i am compared to those above me

rimuru: I’m sure it’s not that bad

boomstick: diablo easily out classed those behind him with sheer power, speed, and pretty much any stat, and his powers were definetly above what you would expect

wiz: and at times he’ll even beat kazuma before he dies, but more times than not he lets his ego take the better of him and he’ll foolishly attack someone else

diablo: i mean, there not wrong

boomstick: but still, kazuma was the most debatable posistion here, his power set wasn’t enough to take out anyone above him and if he were to fight diablo he’d get his shit kicked in

diablo: then how come he out ranked ahead of me

wiz: but more times than not the emense amount of luck kazuma has lets him puch past the compition and make it to 8th place

boomstick: now with seiya, this is where the universal starts coming into play, while he did keep up with the demon lord which was able to destroy a universe but that was easily ut classed by everyone above him

wiz: plus keep in mind, had it not been for his valahala gate, seiya wouldn’t have even won

boomstic: so at best, seiya is universal, but he might fall short of that

wiz: next is naofumi, and i know many shield hero fans are outraged by his lose in 6th place, but reason why he fell so far behind was because while he can take a univeral level his, and he did kill the beings with this power, he pushed himself to his limits to do so, and against that were above him was easily out classed

boomstick: plus in this fight his shield broke after multiple hits, yes he got it back later but still, its limit is only a few universal level hits and it’s through

wiz: leaving us with our top five, starting off with ainz

boomstick: ainz was tricky, his amazing amount of powers and how many instant death spells gave him a major fighting chance at victory, and on some occasions he’ll even win

ainz: good to know I’m not over looked

hajime: you did great ainz

ainz: thank you hajime

wiz: and him creating and destroying universes casually actually meant his power was more than capable of one shoting almost everyone behind him

boomstick: but, more times than not he gets his shit kicked in at the number five spot

wiz: kunai was also,… tricky, we were constantly thinking he would be somewhere else in the top five, but surprisingly his power matched kiritos

boomstick: meaning he needed to edge out in other places and with kirito, well, you don’t have many of those since he’s so fucking fast

wiz: along with this his stamina was actually much lower than kiritos, through careful analysis of his given stats, kirito could do almost everything better than kunai

boomstick: speaking of which, leads us to our third place and most controversal oppinion since legoshi vs michiru, kirito

wiz: kirito was confusing to figure out, with yui kirito could easily win by simply having her erase them but thats mostly against the rules, and even if she could rimuru and hajime have resisted that in the past so he couldn’t souly rely on that alone

boomstick: and he was outclassed in everything, even speed, so nothing he did could let him win

wiz: which leads to our main event

kirito: i see, so it really does come down to rimuru and hajime

ainz: lets see this

shiroe: how powerful are you hajime

tanya: lets see how unfair this was

diablo: ok rimuru lets see why you lost

this continues with them

wiz: so this was surprisingly close

boomstick: rimuru had plenty going for him, his natural abilities made him immune to hajimes guns, and he has destroyed thousands of universes on his own

wiz: rimuru had plenty of options on how to win, but there was a few problems

boomstick: hajime was far faster, far stronger, much smarter, and much more powerful

wiz: hajimes movement speed was far greater than anything rimurus had to deal with, and hajimes strength meant that in a mele dual hajime would have the upper hand

boomstick: and it should be no surprise that hajime was much smarter, but the biggest reason hajime won was how the rings were so powerful

wiz: with them hajume could control the battle in any way he wanted, even turn rimuru into a killable being, instead of his ultra powerful slime self

boomstick: and hajime didn’t even need to do this, remember that rimuru still has a limited amount of health and can only last so long

wiz: and hajime still has his chain which would be able to kill rimuru far before rimuru, or any of the others would have the chance to react to it

hajime: i see

boomstick: and don’t forget he beat that god, one of four that made the multiverse, an infinite realm in existence, and don’t forget that 1/4th of infinite is still infinite, so to beat this, hajime had to of surpassed infinite power, meaning more times than not, hajime wins

they all nod along as the crew start to wrap up

wiz: everyone gave it there all and made there friends proud, but in the end they all couldn’t stand up to the might of hajime

boomstick: guess that this match just went from 1 to universal real fast, but most of them isekaid home after hajime nagumown them… that sounded better in my head

wiz: the winner is hajime nagumo

post match bonus

rimuru: so guys

subaru: yeah?

rimuru: i was wondering if you all would like to join my village?

hajime: i guess I’m in, as long as no one there attacks me, no one will die

ainz: I don’t have many places to go so i suppose i have no choice

subaru/kazuma: hell ya i wanna join, finally, no more monsters we have to fight

kunai: I’ll stay

they all say yes except diablo who stays quiet

rimuru: everything ok?

diablo: yeah, I’m fine, just think this new life in your village will be boring

rimuru: so your joining

diabllo: of course we had a deal

rimuru and diablo fist bump as the screen fades to black with the message, the end on it


sorry that it’s so sloppy, i worked with what i could get

next time on deathbattle

martial arts

“This is the only move I’ve got… gotta take it”

they give us power, but what if two masters

“Damn bugs”


baki hanma vs akari hizamaru


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