Is AINZ the only player in Overlord?

We know that Overlord Ainz is the 19th player from Yggdrasil to come to the new world. But by the time Ainz gets there, every single one of them has died except for himself. The same players seem to show up every 100–200 years. It is possible to move more than one player at the same time.

Let’s talk about each group that has made it to the new world. Be warned Major SPOILERS ahead.

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Entry of The six Gods.

The six Gods were the first group to play. There were six of them, and they came to the story 600 years before the current one. We don’t know if they brought a guild house with them or not, but they were definitely guildmates. They were all level 100.

Godkin descendants of six Gods

As soon as they got to their new home, it seemed like the Gods had taken up a new hobby. They killed any animal they could get their hands on. They made the Slane theocracy, a country in which they were the rulers, and a new religion in which they were the gods.

Before the Gods came, the world was run by the Dragonlords. Dragonlords are powerful dragons who either have extra magical skills or have lived for a very long time, giving them more power. As far as we know, they didn’t talk much or at all. I believe the Gods showed off their skills in a small fight between the two groups. After that, they sort of agreed to stop bothering each other.

Four of the six Gods were like us. Each was called the God of fire, water, earth, or air. One of them was an elf who was like the God of life.


Surshana, the Evil God

Surshana was the most powerful member of the Gods. We don’t know what race he was, but we know he was a magician who was not dead. He could have been an Overlord like Ainz in every way. He was called the God of Death, which made sense for someone like him. People didn’t worship Surshana as much as they did the other Gods because he was known as an “evil” God.

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After 100 years, we were told that Surshana was the last God left because he was undead and didn’t age like the others. He was still alive when the second group of players arrived in the new world.

The Eight Greed Kings of Overlord

The second group, which came 500 years before the Ainz in the Overlord series, was called the Eight Greed Kings (EGS). Eryuentiu is a floating castle with eight players who are all level 100 and have all of their equipment. All of the characters seemed to be human, with seven men and one woman.

The EGS decided to take over the world soon after they arrived and learned how powerful they were in this new place. They met Surshana during their conquest.

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The official teachings of the Slane theocracy say that Surshana died in the fight against the EGs to save humanity from their rule. But this doesn’t seem to be the whole truth. Based on what we knew, it looked very different. Surshana had apparently made a deal with the dragonlords to kill the EGS, but the plan failed, and Surshana was killed instead.

After what happened with Surshana, the EGs started fighting the dragonlords for control of the world. We have been told that kings led armies into battle and that it took ten dragonlords to beat one king. All of the dragonlords who tried to fight were killed. Only people who tried to hide from the start made it through. During the war, some of the kings actually died, but they could bring each other back to life. But they lost some levels each time, and their equipment got worse, making them weaker. But in the end, they still managed to win.

Downfall of EGS

Their rule did not last long. Some fan theories say that the Slane theocracy used their world item that can control minds to make the kings fight each other. I personally don’t think the world item would be needed at all. As long as the conquest was going on, they all had the same enemy. After that, they wanted to be in charge of everything, which made them turn on each other (This is why they are called the Greed Kings). Since they were human, they didn’t have Ainz’s ability to control his emotions. Power has corrupted people in our time, so why not eight people with god-like powers who ruled the world?

Ultimately, they all killed each other, ensuring they would only be in charge for a short time. But their rule and the actions of the six Gods were very important for humanity as a whole. The EGS also killed anything that wasn’t human, but they were nice to people. Without the six Gods and the EGS, humans would not have been able to make it until Ainz came.

Less recognized player

The author said that one player arrived 300 years ago and was killed quickly by the Deep Darkness Dragon Lord, who took his world item. There’s nothing else we know about him.

Minotaur, the Player

About 200–300 years ago, another player, a minotaur, came. He was called the Minotaur Sage, and he was so strong that just by swinging his axes, he could make tornadoes. He actually made a lot of magical and everyday things. Things like refrigerators or fans. But he couldn’t explain how these things worked or why they were needed. He also brought surgery to the new world as a way to help fight diseases and heal people. In minotaur society, humans were only used as livestock, but under his rule, they became enslaved.

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Low-level players

Two players showed up before Ainz in Overlord new world 200 years ago. Unlike the other players, though, neither of them had reached level 100. Their real level might have been somewhere between 10 and 20. Both of them would join the Thirteen Heroes, with one of them becoming the group’s leader. Evileye said that the leader was the weakest at first, but by the time they broke up, he was the strongest. This is an exciting point. This shows that leveling is possible in the new world.

After their adventures, the two players started fighting for no apparent reason. The leader was able to kill the other player, but he was hurt so badly that he would die soon. The fact that he killed his fellow player shocked and upset the leader a lot. He spent his last hours talking with the Lords of the Platinum Dragons and asking not to be brought back to life.

And that’s all the players we know about so far. Everyone but Ainz is dead in Overlord.

Ainz knows that there have been other players there before him. He thinks that both the six Gods and the EGs were players.

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