How much of a Hunter are you?

How much of a Hunter are you?

Hunter X Hunter is one of the best anime/manga series. It is a shame that its author has so much health problems. New chapters are rare and this is what caused anime to be over. But even if you are scared that this show ended quite unexpectedly, do not worry, the ending is open but it does not left you with huge cliffhanger. To celebrate this amazing show we prepared this quiz. It features 10 questions, some harder and some easier. This Hunter X Hunter Knowledge Quiz allows you to test your knowledge and will show you how well do you really know hxh. And if you like this quiz, please share it. Once you do that, it helps us a lot because it allows us new visitors to our site and the chance to create new daily content. Comment on how well you did so others can compare their scores to yours to see who knows Hunter X Hunter best. Good luck and have fun!

Score System

Score System is based on score not  the right/wrong answer’s. You get 10 points each per right answers, Higher the score higher the chance to win for you. The minimum score to pass is 60 points.

I wish you all goodluck on this adventure.

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