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How does Observation haki work in a one-piece world?

Also known as Kenbunshoku Haki, Observation could be a variety of Haki that grants the user an intuition that enables them to sense the presence, strength, and emotions of others, likewise as gain restricted prophetic skills. Future sight, ESP, telpathy, etc. Haki will generally become stronger in combat, particularly against powerful foes, shown in Luffy’s battle with Katakuri. Some chosen users area unit|are} able to hear the voice of all issue that allow them effectively perceive what any creature says (although this ability cannot be noninheritable through coaching and its mechanics are presently unknown).

There square measure totally different levels of observation haki:

Inept Haki Users​

Haki users during this category have the power to activate Observation Haki, however with very little to no management. they will sometimes sense the presence of others, see temporary premonitions of the longer term with large focus and desperation, however otherwise can’t effectively utilize or disable the power. (Luffy throughout marineford, Usopp throughout dressrosa, etc.)

Rudimentary Haki Users

Haki users during this category square measure capable of actively victimization the power with very little issue. they will actively sense the presence and aura of others among their shut proximity (typically up to a couple of hundred meters), sometimes have premonitions of the terribly temporary future, and even sense the emotions and intentions of targeted people. (Zoro throughout Fishman Island, Hancock’s sisters, etc.)

observation haki
Courtesy of Madman Entertainment and Funimation

Proficient Haki Users

Haki users during this category have the capability to sense events flow over an oversized distance away (typically many kilometers), and may actively see glimpses into the longer term, and sense precisely however those among vary feel and what their next set of actions are going to be. Users of this level will use all the fundamental applications of this power to a better degree and don’t have problems with practicality like those of lower tiers. (Doflamingo, Sanji throughout dressrosa, etc.)

Advanced Haki Users​

Haki users during this category go so much on the far side of what’s usually seen with Observation Haki. Some users will feel the flow of their target’s attack pattern and the way they’ll reply to the attack, even going as so much on grasp their status and intentions to a close to excellent understanding. Some users will sense the presence of target people or objects over immense distances (typically a minimum of tens of kilometers). alternative users also can perform active precognition–seeing events flow a minimum of many seconds before they occur. (Charlotte Katakuri, Boa Hancock, Luffy throughout Wano, etc.)


In order to totally utilize Observation Haki, the user should stay centered and calm, otherwise, the ability’s effectiveness becomes dulled or perhaps negated.
The user, if imperfect with seeing the longer term, can’t predict what is going to happen if they alter their actions to reply to a foreseen enemy attack. This conjointly becomes distinguished once even a complicated user is against AN opponent with comparable or perhaps superior levels of ESP. (Such as once Luffy may dodge Katakuri’s attacks early in their fight)
Users, whereas capable of seeing the attack returning, square measure less doubtless to evade or defend against AN attack if it’s too quick for them to envision or carry on with (Snake-man Luffy near-blitzing Katakuri despite victimization his ESP to envision the attacks coming).



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