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GojoHime is the het ship between Satoru Gojo and Utahime Iori from the Jujutsu Kaisen fandom.


Gojo and Utahime are teachers at Tokyo Jujutsu Tech and Kyoto Jujutsu Tech respectively. They’ve known each for over 10 years, presumably since Gojo’s second year, with Utahime being 3 years older.

Gojo is often seen teasing Utahime, eventually getting on her nerves. Due to their relationship, Utahime is quite used to his teasing and even though she gets agitated, they manage to get along when in action. In Episode 14, once Utahime and the Kyoto students arrive for the Sister School Goodwill Event, she asks everyone where ‘the idiot’ is, in reference to Gojo. As soon as this is said, he appears, to which Utahime reacts with “Tsk. Gojo Satoru”, with a rather disapproving look on her face. He’s seen rolling a metal box along with souvenirs for the Kyoto students from his overseas business trip, but notes that none are for Utahime, clearly teasing her. She responds with annoyance, claiming that she wouldn’t need one anyway. While Principal Yaga is explaining the event, he is holding down Gojo and Utahime can be seen laughing softly at him.

Utahime’s reaction to Gojo’s antics (Ep. 14)

While Gojo is explaining to Utahime why he believes that a human is working with curses, Utahime asks him what would he do if she was the traitor to which Gojo responds that it can’t be her since she’s too weak and doesn’t have the guts to try and betray them. In response, she throws her drink at him. Gojo then tells her that hysterics won’t win men.

At the beginning of Episode 15, Gojo is counting down for the start for the start of the event, and when there’s one minute left, he asks Utahime to say some words of encouragement. Since Utahime wasn’t ready, she struggles to say something, and stutters. Gojo cuts her off after she musters something by saying “time’s up!”, making her angry. She continues to shout at Gojo for embarrassing her and tells him that he should respect his elders. In Episode 17, while Gojo and Utahime are watching the students, Utahime says that the students should just get along with each other. Gojo replies by saying “They must take after you, Utahime”, but she says that Gojo is the only one that she has a problem with.

Some time later Gojo and Utahime are seen talking on the phone. Gojo briefly tells her about the first-year students, boasting about the triumphal ending of their last mission. He says their success must be the direct consequence of his “awesome teaching”. Utahime interrupts him and tells him to hurry up, since it’s her day off, and she doesn’t want to waste her time talking to him about college life. She mentions that staff members are all busy and cannot attend “a party”, meaning she didn’t find the traitor among the faculty. He figuratively asks whether the mole is a student, and she says that she will keep asking around.

Behind The Scenes

“At first, I went to make a character that was a quite specialized in Tsukkomi, but there was direction that she was elegant, beautiful, and only changed when Gojo involved. She often gets angry, but that’s why I wished I could make a character that makes people think she’s cute. It’s a difficult point of view but I think that the nuance is different from hate or distaste. I feel that it is necessary to have a very delicate play as to where Utahime’s feelings and how to reconcile with the places she hates to lose. There are many parts that have not been revealed yet, so I’m looking forward to playing them in the future.” — Hikasa Yoko[1]


This ship took off during the Kyoto Sister School Goodwill Event episodes. Their main trope includes “Opposites Attract”, especially due to the extreme differences between the two personalities, with Utahime being more calm and Gojo being playful.

This ship is largely popular within Japanese fans, who call them the “Five Songs Couple” (GoUta – “Five Songs”, in Romaji): Go (五) from Gojo’s surname, which directly translates to “Five”, and Uta (歌) from Utahime, which also directly translates as “Song”. GojoHime has been popular within manga fans for some time now, which explains the relatively large amount of fanfictions and fanarts of the ship. Their interactions in the anime adaptation has also welcomed new shippers to the boat.

On AO3, GojoHime is the fifth most written ship for Gojo and the most written for Iori. It is also the ninth most written ship in the Jujutsu Kaisen (Manga) tag and the seventh most written in the Jujutsu Kaisen (Anime) tag.



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  • According to the Official Fan Book, there are certain contrasts between their personalities as well as their aesthetics: Utahime dislikes sweets and enjoys drinking alcohol, while Gojo likes sweets and dislikes alcohol. Utahime has purple/black hair and wears white clothes, whereas Gojo has white hair and wears purple/black clothes.
  • Gojo is listed as Utahime’s source of stress, despite the two living very far away from each other.[2]
  • According to the Official Fan Book, Utahime’s “You should respect your seniors” vs Gojo’s “Doesn’t matter to me~” was what started his teasing. After that, it became a reflex.[3]
  • Gege Akutami said, that Gojo is not aware that Utahime hates him and thinks of her bad attitude as a joke.[4]
  • Gojo tampered with the suggestion box to add an option for baseball, a sport Utahime is a fan of; “Utahime, the one into the baseball game the most!” said by Gege in his sketch of Utahime and Momo.[5]
  • In Jujutsu Kaisen’s Brazilian Portuguese dub, when Utahime throws tea at Gojo, he responds with, “Ow! Retract your claws, kitten!”[6]
  • In 2021, Jujutsu Kaisen collaborated with Niigata Rice Cracker Museum & Bakauke Inari. One of the crackers’ packages depicts Gojo and Utahime as small, cartoonish crackers[7].
  • Utahime’s English voice actor Tara Jayne Sands liked a GojoHime artwork as well as a thread of comics made by @mewnbyul, a popular GojoHime artist on Twitter.[1] She also tweeted about a painting of Gojo and Utahime.[2]


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