Anos Voldigoad Vs Rimuru Tempest? Who will win?

Rimuru Vs Anos. Who will win? the short answer is Rimuru will literally break Anos apart.

Spoiler Alert: WARNING! This page has a lot of heavy spoilers. To all the people who only watch anime or read manga and are looking at this warning, please think carefully about your decision before you choose to read the information below. If you haven’t read the main source material in the official books yet, you might want to stay away from this page to avoid spoilers until you’ve read it first.

Rimuru Vs Anos

Rimuru’s Powers

Some of Rimuru’s powers are that he can make dreams come true and that he can make anything he can imagine. Not to mention that he could make infinite copies of himself while his real body stayed in his imaginary space, which was separate from the real world (this is called “outerversal,” for those who don’t know).

Anos’s only good thing is his sword. Conceptually, Anos’s sword can kill anyone, but it couldn’t kill Anos. This shows that it can’t kill those in a higher existence, and Rimuru is in a much higher existence than Anos because he is the Deity of his world. Not to mention that Rimuru has crossed the line between life and Death while Anos has not. If you don’t believe me, tell me how Anos has been dead for 2,000 years. Anos’s immortality is a type 8. In the anime’s last episode, when his source was destroyed, he even died for a few minutes. Anos is not immune to Death and can be killed if the proper steps are taken. This is different from Rimuru, who is beyond Death itself.

How did Rimuru make it past Death?

Rimuru was sent to the empty space outside of his verse. The Void is the place where everything ends. Rimuru was sent there hoping he would die there since the Void is where everything ends and is outside of the world (infinite multiverse).

Courtesy of Crunchyroll and Funimation

It was clear that this didn’t work on Rimuru. Instead, he slept in that empty space for many years. Before returning to his world, he went beyond the idea of everything, including life and Death.

If you don’t know this, Rimuru no longer thinks of himself as dead. Erasing, destroying, manipulating, or erasing ideas, changing fate, plot twists, changing the law, etc. All of this and more no longer applies to Rimuru, who literally transcends everything.

You might wonder how he can be everywhere at once.

rimuru holding the universe
rimuru holding the universe

That’s a simple answer. Have you heard of ghosts or spirits? The true spiritual ideas are about the Great Spirit. Every idea came from the great spirit, like light, darkness, soul, sound, fate, plot, time, reincarnation, dimension, etc. Each idea came from one of these spirits. And Veldanava was the one who made all of these spirits.

The true Dragon Veldanava

Before Rimuru came along, Veldanava was the main god of the world. Even Veldanava and the Great Spirit have been passed by Rimuru for a long time, putting Rimuru above everything.

Image from that time I got reincarnated as a slime Light Novel

This is a feat that can be done anywhere or in any way. I leave you to decide. Even though I will say “boundless” or “high outerversal,” it doesn’t matter.

Not to mention that Rimuru now has all the abilities in the verse, and you don’t want me to list them because they are so powerful. Take Veldora, who can use probability manipulation to change the wavelength of his attack, making it stronger than it should be. Or Shion, who can control casualties. Or Ultima, who can release a poison that kills the target no matter what kind of immortality they have. Or the ability to make anything up out of thin air.

Rimuru Vs Anos Voldigoad

Rimuru could just make Anos’s sword or Anos himself if he wants to. My point is that Rimuru has all of these powers and more, and with Ciel’s help, he could even make up some new ones.


Anos feats

Anos’s ability to destroy the Silver Sea, which contains an infinite number of universes, is impressive, but what does that have against someone who can not only destroy an infinite number of universes but also create the same number of universes in the blink of an eye without running out of energy? Rimuru can destroy and make things, which I think is more impressive than what Anos can do.

Rimuru feats:

Having the power to make and destroy an infinite number of worlds without much thought, Transcending the great spirits, who are the true spiritual concept, means that Rimuru is above everything and can’t be hurt by anything. Transcending the god of his world and taking his place as the creator and supreme god. Having all the power in his verse and being able to create new power just by thinking about it, being omnipresent so that his speed didn’t matter, and being above his verse because he was sent to the end of his verse, which is the Void, and lived there for a long time. As for being everywhere at once.

As the most powerful god in his world, Rimuru can give other godlike beings in his world roles as observers of what he has made. Rimuru could do a lot of things.

Now that all of this is over, what can Anos do to Rimuru in the name of any God?

People think that Anos can beat Rimuru for no good reason. Is it because he can make the silver sea disappear? Big deal. Rimuru can do all of that and more. Is it because his sword is so great? Since it couldn’t kill Anos, I showed that the sword couldn’t kill everyone. Let’s say the sword can kill Rimuru by killing his idea of himself. Still, it wouldn’t work because real dragons can come back even if their concept is erased.

Courtesy of Aniplex

And Rimuru, who is much more powerful than real dragons, shouldn’t have any trouble getting back to life after his idea was destroyed. The Rimuru I used as an example is true dragon Rimuru, not supreme Deity Rimuru, who clearly doesn’t know what he’s talking about because he’s long since passed that point.

Is there anything else that Anos could do to hurt Rimuru?

On the topic of Rimuru Vs Anos, The answer is A big fat No. So, Rimuru wins this fight without much trouble. This fight isn’t a draw because Rimuru is stronger and better than Anos overall, and anyone who says otherwise is wrong. Rimuru Tempest is the one who won.

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