Anime Quiz

I’m not gonna give an intro about anime quiz cause most of you already know it. These quizzes enable you to enjoy and relive the world of anime you love most. You have to show or test your knowledge about your favorite anime. If you just watch an anime and move on next, then you could be learning nothing from anime or you couldn’t be enjoying as much as other otaku’s. So here you can test your knowledge and fandom here.

For the most part we have categorized our quizzes easy for each anime but we have most difficult anime quiz as well as per the requests of Fans. We update our quizzes on daily basis and add new anime quiz regularly so stay tuned for more enjoyable and difficult anime quizzes. 

How to play?

First find your preferred anime, then start the quiz to play. Choose your answer’s wisely. Sometimes they can be trick questions, so take your time and DO NOT hurry. Always check for the provided hints, that can help you reach to the top.

Score System

Score System is based on two systems. one score and  the right/wrong answer’s. For Score, You get 10 points each per right answers, Higher the score higher the chance to win for you. The minimum score to pass is 60 points.

Second system is  the right/wrong answer’s. As suggested it’s straight forward you will a point for right answer and none for wrong answer. Most of our anime quiz have hint function so you can use those to determine right answer for right anime. Most of our quiz are difficult based on anime.

I wish you all goodluck on this adventure.

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