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Here we are with another new cutscene, this time from the Sepulcher of the First Ones raid, and the community has reacted once more. This one is a little different from the previous ones, as reactions have been very divided, from some really loving it and thinking it’s a return to form, while others not being quite so enthusiastic.
With possibly THE most popular character from the entire franchise entering the picture this time around it was perhaps inevitable to get some very conflicting views, as Arthas ultimate fate (or is it?) was decided. As usual the negative comments are much more specific on their grievances than the positive, and there does seem to be more of them (which is pretty normal) so let’s get into it.
The good
Yeah because the writing isn’t that bad. Couple this with the fact that the only reason people think the old writing was good is because of nostalgia. – BoringUwuzumaki

Jaina and Uther already had that moments with Arthas, so I guess this was them tying up the line with the person who hadn’t. Realistically, I doubt there’s anything they could have done shy of bringing him back that would have made people happy. Even then, I’ve seen complaints about that idea. – Envhies

Honestly I’m sure whatever grand story they had for Shadowlands ended up on the cutting room floor from pressure to push out the next expansion and finish this one. Blizzard has long abandoned the motto of “Release it when its ready” because if they did that, we’d have expansion lulls that would make Siege of Orgrimmar Era look like an afternoon lunch break. – SpikesMTG

I’m kinda OK with them being delicate when handling Arthas. I wasn’t really a fan of how Illidan was used in Legion, and I was worried that Arthas would be all over Shadowlands in a similar fashion.Instead, we got plotlines about all the various themes that revolve around Arthas (the effects of wanton death and genocide on the world, a good prince falls from glory into darkness, the internal conflict of soullessness vs a remnant of your former self, vengeance vs justice, ect…) without having to bring back the character at all. You can find fault in the execution of a lot of this, but honestly I’m really happy with how they chose to tackle Arthas in the end. – adanine
The bad
I was planning to get back to WoW as part of my regular MMO rotation, but after seeing that scene in the Mootubes, I think I’ll wait a bit more. Arthas was a key character of the franchise and pillar of the lore, and they didn’t even give him the Garrosh treatment. No badass last act or final one liner, just a ball of gas. And to top it of, for me, were Uther’s and Jaina’s actions. No final words of love or comfort or farewell, not even a hand reaching out or a more emotional reaction. Instead it was Sylvanas-centric. I really wanted to finish this expac, but it looks like I’ll be waiting for the next one. – Jays_Arravan

Same here. That cinematic completely annihiliated my will to come back. Hope 10.0 has a better story. Can we cut sylvanas’ head during the pre-patch ? – unitedbk

In the words of Dewey from Malcolm in the Middle, I expect nothing, and I’m still let down. They took the most iconic character in the history of Warcraft, and one of the most iconic characters in gaming. And turned him into a glowy orb that just fades away, that’s it, no more Arthas. I would of been happy if Arthas would of appeared in human form. Maybe he could say something to Uther and Jaina. But no, he’s just a glowing orb who gets monologued to death by Sylvanas.
– aggressiveoxymoron

How is the writing this bad….. I just watched the ending cinematic…. Do we petition for new writers or just play a different game at this point? – ghhki

I wish they would have actually used Arthas as a character and not a wisp… especially since it was teased since the beginning of the xpac we’d see him again. – Sevith123

Sylvanas’ speech would have been a lot more palatable if Uther ans Jaina got a turn after but they’re just exposition robots holding the players hand – LegendofJoe

I hated how both Uther and Jaina are there, the perfect setup for a bookend of closure as they were the two who walked away at Stratholme refusing to facilitate him becominga monster. But Sylvanas gets the monologue. Jaina doesn’t even say a word. How dare anyone interrupt the Main Character. Gross. – Hnetu

It just feels so hollow and meaningless. – unsub_from_default

Genocidal slyvanas comin’ at us with the hot takes of what it takes to be a good person. Good job blizz /s – blkread

Funny thing is, Sylvanas was my favourite character before BfA. So I have a hard time believing anyone still likes her
– Juxta_Lightborne

I mean lets be honest, they went with the safest option. But as someone who started with wc3, this is the biggest pain i’ve felt, like wc3 was insane and my most fave expention is wotlk and for all of that to wrap up this simple is painfull but also good considering what they’ve done with some other characters…
I mean ofcause I would have wished for arthas to play a bigger role but to be completly honest, the power of the jailer consumed him all but than again in the end cinematic of icc he basicly was kinda normal again. Therefore i blame davos and uther for sending him straight to the maw to become the super slave of the jailer. Would have actually loved to see him in Revendreth together with kel, too much potential there especially considering all the thing with domination, he would have been the prime hero to teach us everything about it. But to cheer myself up, arthas died on top of ice crown and thats that for me. – Kaanymon

The mixed
The new cinematic Blizz released was good at least the first part. The second part was absolute garbage. Change my mind.
– PraetorFenix1998

“It was great until it became sylvanas show again” was pretty much my reaction aswell – Mixelangelo_00

I really enjoyed the cinematic up until then. What they did with arthas wasn’t even bad necessarily it just left me feeling so empty.They did nothing with the most interesting character for shadowlands and then literally wiped him from existence.arthas even though he did make horrible choices, was in part a victim of the jailer. And he doesn’t get to atone – just eradicated entirely, consciousness and all – Alon945

I really loved the part with Anduin. Reminded me that his Legion-BFA character arc and growth continues. The Arthas part was a bit weird. I still feel Arthas’s story was already over in essence, and this was more like Sylvanas’s self-reflection, which could have been done somewhere else. Like Arthas and Sylvanas have history for sure, but it feels like her and Arthas tragic story was already wrapped up years ago. – cruffade

At least Anduin broke himself free. Guess they didn’t completely butcher his character. Just mostly. Would have been way more annoyed if Sylvanas had saved him, which is what I expected. Also, the Sylvanas half of the cinematic seems REALLY tone deaf and hypocritical lol. – Surca_Cirvive

Arthas resisted the Jailer’s domination; it would have made a lot more sense for Arthas to have been by Anduin’s side instead of Varian and Saurfang – “Take ownership of your actions, young lion!” – ArtfulOstrich

Anduin part was good, I’m a simple man, I hear “my son”, I like it. Sylvanas… Ugh is so out of place. Stop shoving her down our throat – Ynneb82

The funny 

Whenever Sylvanas is not on screen everyone should be asking where is Sylvanas? Just me thinking that should be the case? I cannot stress enough how important Sylvanas is for World of Sylvanascraft. – D3monFight3

Couldn’t they afford to pay the voice actors for Jaina & Uther? Obviously the voice actor for Sylvanas comes cheaply.
– adonkeyatheart

The only thing missing was Sylvannas turning back and yelling “the shadowlands is free!” – azahel452

Does this make Saurfang Anduin’s stepdad then? – GenericFatGuy

And let’s end on a high note:

This cinematic is like if your wife and best friend came to your funeral but the only person that ended up speaking was your accountant. – ComicalyLame


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