10 Worst Things About Jujutsu Kaisen We Can’t Help But Love

Despite having had only one season and a movie, Jujutsu Kaisen has quickly become a fan-favorite for anyone who indulges in anime. The mix of horror, shonen tropes, and niche anime humor puts it amongst one of the best modern-day animes in the world.

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The manga of the up-and-coming anime has been running since March of 2018 and the hype around it has not died down since. The Jujutsu Kaisen fandom just got bigger and bigger, inevitably leading to smaller communities forming under it. When this happens, fandoms are usually split in their opinions on whether or not something is worth putting up with. This includes the little kinks that could be ironed out to make the anime better. However, some fans have been known to find these ‘flaws’ endearing.

8 Cursed Techniques That Sound Fake

Nobody can deny that every single student and teacher in the Tokyo and Kyoto Metropolitan Curse Technical College is exceptionally powerful. However, some of these powers are colored with the hint of eccentric humor that is Jujutsu Kaisen.

Aoi Todo’s Boogie Woogie is one cursed spirit no one should ever look down upon. With just a clap of his hands, he can trade places with any person or object with Cursed Energy. It’s amusing how such great power has a name like Boogie Woogie. Similarly, Principal Gakuganji’s Cursed Sound Amplification includes him rocking his electric guitar like a tacky ’70s rockstar. It adds humor and humanizes the seemingly cruel and antagonized character.

7 Toge’s Language Impairment

Toge’s Cursed Speech Technique is debatably one of the coolest, yet most inconvenient Cursed Technique. The incredibly powerful technique can bend to Toge’s will in a blink of an eye. Whatever Toge says towards his opponents, the Cursed Technique grants.

However, such power came at a price. Toge had to sacrifice speaking in coherent sentences altogether. To avoid causing trouble towards the innocent, Toge has resorted to speaking exclusively through Japanese food items as it was the only thing that didn’t activate his Cursed Technique. With all the other characters compensating in terms of dialogue, it really isn’t too much of an inconvenience that he makes absolutely no sense when contributing to conversations. Fans may find it aggravating to not know what he’s thinking but most just find the trait to be terribly endearing.

6 Making Shonen Clichés Tolerable

When it comes to shonen, more often than not, there’s a somewhat cheesy formula most filmmakers follow. The cinematography and the tone of voice that gets reflected through these anime decide whether or not these clichés make it tacky or classic. Jujutsu Kaisen’s charm definitely puts it under the latter category.

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Sukuna using Yuji’s body as a vessel doesn’t necessarily fall under the ‘monster within’ trope, but on paper? That’s exactly what it is. There are times when Yuji is up against an opponent much more powerful than himself and he channels Sukuna for some much-needed help. Another anime cliché would be the unreasonably vast power scaling system. With most shonen anime, just when viewers start to get a grasp of how strong a character in the universe can be, they triple in power. This seems to be the case for Gojo. Overall, the connotations of a cliché might be entirely negative, but things are clichéd for a reason and maybe it’s because fans love them regardless.

5 The Homage To Team 7 Is Too On The Nose

The resemblance between Gojo, Yuji, Kugisaki and Fushiguro, and Team 7 is uncanny. With the spiky hair and bleak nature, it’s eerily obvious that Fushiguro is the Sasuke of the group. Yuji, on the other hand, is a more toned-down version of Naruto. Minus the weird love triangle and add independence, Sakura and Kugisaki could be sisters. Lastly, Gojo is Kakashi’s spitting image.

The similarities between the two groups have undoubtedly brought old-time anime fans down memory lane. It may seem a tad bit like they are trying to replicate the classic anime, but fans love the team even more for it.

4 Sukuna Using Yuji Itadori As A Vessel

Sukuna is hands down the worst thing to have ever happened to the Jujutsu Kaisen universe. However, without him leeching off of Yuji’s body, there wouldn’t be a Jujutsu Kaisen to begin with.

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Cursed spirits everywhere went crazy when word got out that Sukuna had re-emerged. Yuji was a dead man the moment he swallowed Sukuna’s finger. In spite of the trouble the demon has brought to the lives of our protagonists, fans can’t help but love the villain. His obsession with Megumi Fushiguro even earned him a nickname, Simpkuna.

3 Gojo’s Confidence Is Bordering On Condescending

Despite all his flaws, fans are absolutely in love with Satoru Gojo. Maybe it’s the resemblance to the OG eye-candy, Kakashi Hatake, or maybe it’s his own charm entirely. Either way, fans adore the powerful mentor.

When Satoru Gojo presents his confidence, his aura changes entirely but to some characters—and fans—this demonstration of boldness comes off more arrogant than intended. Including the pretty blue eyes that have fans weak to their knees, his grand domain expansion takes the crown for ‘Best Cursed Technique‘.

2 The Lesson Behind Junpei’s Death

Surprisingly, no matter how brief Junpei’s life and appearances on the show was, he made the list for top fan-favorite characters. Junpei’s life is one of the darkest story arcs Jujutsu Kaisen has because of the sobering lesson it delivers to fans of the anime. Junpei was a young boy who was perpetually bullied by his classmates while the authorities turned a blind eye.

In his vulnerable state, Manito manipulated him but in the end, the heroes were too late to save him. The tragic story brings a somber awakening to the truth. There are two sides to the story, Junpei was technically a villain but he wasn’t evil and just because heroes are meant to save the innocent doesn’t mean they always can.

1 Kento Nanami’s Realism

While everyone revels in the fact that they have powers or showers in the glorious idea that they’re doing a noble cost, Nanami treats hunting Cursed Spirits as another 9 to 5 job.

He’s in touch with the jaded and somber facts of the real world. The audience is reminded of the institutionalized system that runs on capitalism; the reality they live in. The depressing reminder might rub some fans the wrong way but in a world of eccentric and exaggerated dialogues, a touch of reality is refreshing.

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